35 lost engineers biography photo page

Nice one Boz! Looks like interesting stuff. Got to read it all now...

Where do you find all these links?? You must spend hours "Google-ing."

I came across this site a few years ago...had some print-outs from it, but I think I may have lost them. Well, now I can bookmark the site...thanks for finding it!!!!
Came across an old trade journal just placed online that also has bios and pics of all the Engineers. It’s Marine Engineer and Naval Architect magazine, vol 34 (Aug 1911-Jul 1912). Look at May issue pg 376-383, June pg 420-427 and July pg 463-466 (repeat of May). The source is www.Archive.org/details/texts, search for Marine Engineer. Here’s the item page. The quick, easy flip book format can be viewed weakly but otherwise you have to download the 47mb PDF.

There is other disaster news in that volume and building news spread at least back through vol 31 of 1908/09.