3d model of center anchor + Documentation


Joakim Amundsson
Oct 30, 2020
Karlstad, Sweden
Hi everyone!

I new to the forum and also new in doing research of this kind. I been working on a 3d model of the center anchor of Olympic, Titanic and also Britannic. I have now finished my 3D model of the anchor. This is my interpretation and is based on all the images and information that i could get. I attach a PDF with 20 pages of documentation on what information i have used and why the model looks as it does. I am happy to reicive feedback if there is anything that i got wrong so i can correct it. If there is anyone that would like to use this anchor for you own project, contact me

PDF is attached in this post!

Full assembly on stand.jpg

Center Anchor.jpg

Center Anchor2.jpg

Center Anchor3.jpg

Center Anchor4.jpg

Center Anchor5.jpg


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