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3D Nomadic The journey begins again

Discussion in '3D Models' started by Emil Besirevic, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Hey guys!
    It's been ages since I've logged on here,
    school sure has and still is keeping me more busy
    than I thought.

    But now I've decided to build Nomadic in 3D, I already posted a thread on
    nomadic preservation society's forum. I'll also see when I'm finished with the
    model if I can make a huge composition together with my Titanic model, I'm thinking
    about the whole Cherbourg scene, something like that, we'll see.

    I'll keep you updated aswell!
    Here the link to the other site:


    View High Resolution Image

    View High Resolution Image

  2. Eric Longo

    Eric Longo Member

    Hi Emil,

    good to see you here again happy.gif

  3. Nice ship, nice work. Go ahead!

  4. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator Member

    Hi Emil,

    Great to see you here again!

    I look forward to seeing the Nomadic in 3D, as it progresses! You did a terrific job on your Titanic model, so I have no doubt you will do the same with this one.

    Glad to hear school is going well for you.

    Best wishes,

    Jason happy.gif
  5. Thanks alot guys! Good to see alot of familiar
    people again! happy.gif

    UPDATE 01/21:
    I've redefined the rudder area and cut out
    the hull windows, if anyone is aware of how
    the Nomadic looks please do give me response,
    also if theres some windows I missed etc.

    Now, if anyone of you could provide me some
    good images of Nomadic I can use as reference
    I would appreciate it alot! It's so hard to
    detail it without good images :/

    View High Resolution Image

    View High Resolution Image
  6. Kevin Keating

    Kevin Keating Member

    Huzzah! Emil returns with another fantastic modeling job!

    Can't wait to see the finished result!
  7. Only one word: Beautiful!
  8. Kevin Keating

    Kevin Keating Member


    I've missed your Titanic renders! Both models are absolutely stunning! happy.gif
  9. Thanks alot guys! Since I know some of you
    remember my previous Titanic works I thought
    I'd make at least one or two clean renders together
    with Nomadic (I found a even newer version of my Titanic model on my backups cds), then maybe soon in the future make full scale compositions,
    I just need to get a desktop computer to work in large scale again, but it's a bit of a pain
    being a student in Hollywood hehe

    View High Resolution Image

    View HIgh Resolution Image

    View High Resolution Image
  10. Great work, Emil. All it needs now is some colour and you're done!
  11. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator Member

    Fabulous work as always, Emil. Keep it up!
  12. Thanks guys! So you're all still alive it seems, I wondered where you two have been! hehe ;)

    Here goes a update:
    - I've textured/colored it, but still modeling
    is left before its done as well as texturing
    even more.

    - Comments appreciated on overall coloring,
    and I've said it on NPS and Trma forums aswell,
    but didn't know about Nomadic having the same color scheme as Titanic.

    View Image

    View Image

    View Image

    View Image
  13. >>but didn't know about Nomadic having the same color scheme as Titanic. <<

    My bet is she probably did. The colours were common enough and they weren't trying to turn the hull into some sort of artistic "statement." These latest renders look terrific!
  14. So good to see you back on ET, Emil. Thank you so much for sharing your Nomadic project with all of us here.


  15. Very fascinating and very, very impressive. Thank you for posting these images.
  16. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator Member

    Your latest update is absolutely terrific, Emil!
  17. Thank you all for the comments! I'm glad
    to see so many respond! happy.gif

    I'll try and finish it off to almost fully complete
    in a few days, here goes a tweaked update and a hull

    View Image

    View Image