3D Printed Titanic Model


Shel Cooper

One thing I'm considering doing at some point when I have the free time required to do it is a printed 1/150 model made one deck at a time. Each deck would be framed for hanging, or they could be stacked to build the ship. The beauty of 3D Printing is this could be done with furniture and most interior details and even though it would take forever to make, it would be an interesting project. Since it would be done using an Objet 1000, this machine uses up to 100 different materials so it could create unprecedented detail without paint.


That sounds cool! If my modeling skills were more than rudimentary, I'd offer to help.

I'm somewhat better at photogrammetry using Agisoft Photoscan. I've been scouring the Internet looking for images of high-enough quality and size along with good coverage to 3D model some of the artifacts on the seabed around the Titanic. I had tried modeling the surviving framework of the aft Grand Staircase dome but there just wasn't enough for me to work with. It is the same problem with the little cherub that is part of the traveling display. Knowing that there is a near exact duplicate of the Grand Staircase clock housed in a museum in the UK makes me want to try tackling that too (I personally think the replica clock from the 1997 epic Titanic didn't capture the spirit of the original very well).

If you decide to do that, I'd love to see how it turns out.

You can see examples of my work at:

jerryfisher's 3D models

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