3D Titanic Wreck

luke holbrook

Aug 9, 2006
I'm wondering the same, is the CAD software the same as 3D Studio Max, does it let you make the same 3D models as 3DSM. I did download 3DSM but it would let me go on it as it kept saying, error a file cannot be found, and it wouldnt work for me. Is CAD just as good? Plus the titanic wreck model is absolutely stunning, looks just like the real thing. The alvin is well good aswell.

Jon Meadows

3DS Max is a high end software that costs 1000s of dollars. A CAD package won't give you the same quality of render or modelling as 3DS. It also takes a lot of time, patience and practice to produce at the level that Thomas is producing. It's like asking da Vinci if a paint-by-numbers kit would do the same.

Thomas is a true artist. And I, having recently entered the 3D realm in my job, am truly in awe.

J Kent Layton

Mar 27, 2004
New York, United States

It's been a while since we were last in touch, and I recently found your e-mail address had changed. I need to pass along an inquiry regarding your Titanic artwork. Drop me a line on the board here or toss an e-mail to my Yahoo account.

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