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3D Titanic

Discussion in '3D Models' started by Christian Stenfelt, May 11, 2004.

  1. Hi!
    I have been working on a model of Titanic in 3d studio for a while now.
    I have also started to make a model of the wreck of Titanic...:)

    Tell me what you think!

    Christian 86393.jpg
  2. Lee Gilliland

    Lee Gilliland Member

    Quite nice. Will you be selling prints?
  3. Hey,

  4. Thanks!!

    Here are some more pics!
  5. Hey Christian!

    Your work is truly amazing! Especially the last two! They look very realistic! It looks just as god as Camerons Titanic! How long does it take to make each? You should have a website so you can show off your work. Please keep them coming!
  6. Hi Sahand!
    The rendering time for each picture is about 10 min.
    Its sad that you have to post so small pictures, its hard to se the detail!:-/
    Here is a new one!
  7. Alex McLean

    Alex McLean Guest

    Those images are absolutely amazing, let me tell you. They captured the incredible horror of being aboard during those final minutes so incredibly. A very very good job, each one makes me more jealous!
    My best, happy.gif
  8. Paul Lee

    Paul Lee Member

  9. Lee Gilliland

    Lee Gilliland Member

    This stuff is OUTSTANDING. You've got the whole thing just right. Alex is right, they're so good they're spooky.
  10. HOLY CRAP!

    Once again I am speechless! Im surprised it takes you so little time to do these! I thought it would like weeks!
  11. Tim Brandsoy

    Tim Brandsoy Member

    Notice that Christian says he's been working on it for "a while now" so don't interpret that the whole rendering took only 10 minutes!

    Very, very nice work! Could you give us some idea how you start a project like that? The 3D, fills and such......I think they are just beautiful. I'd love to see the full size version if possible. timbrands@aol.com
  12. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    Sahand, the 'rendering time' is how long it takes the computer to construct an image onscreen from a given 3D mesh (digital model) as it would be viewed from a particular angle with specifed texturing, lightning and effects. With a fast enough computer this may take only seconds. But it's no measure of the enormous amount of time and care it takes to build an accurate and detailed mesh of the collection of shapes which together form the Titanic. Christian, if you have any webspace of your own could you perhaps upload the larger images onto a web page without the size restrictions, and post a link here?
  13. Hi everybody!
    Thank you all for your kind words!:)
    I´m working on a webside....I´ll let you know when its ready!
    For the moment I´m working on a model of Britannic....It takes time but I hope its worth it!:)
    Here is a small picture of the work so far!!:)


  14. haha My Bad! Never been too good with those computer words! Anyways nice Britannic Picture!
  15. Lee Gilliland

    Lee Gilliland Member

    Chris, I honestly think that you have some great wallpapers here - can't wait to use 'em as such!
  16. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator Member

    Hi Christian,

    I agree with the above posts, the images are very impressive. Brilliant work!

    Best regards,

    Jason happy.gif