3rd Class Steward Robert C Bristow


Tim McCann

There is a chance that I am related to this person
that died on the Titanic because he bears my mother's maiden name and was from Southhampton like much of my family is. It is rumoured that he
may be related to our family. Does anybody have any information about this man or know how I can find any on the internet? Thanks.

Matteo Eyre

Feb 7, 2013
I'm not sure if this is gonna help much but here i go
I don't know anything about Mr Robert C Bristow but i wondered he was related to Mr Harry Bristow, as far as i know he was a Cornish Steward who died on the Titanic but had a wife named Ethel who he wrote to before he died
hope this helped :)

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
There's generally not much on record about the low-ranking personnel - age, name and address, job description, that's about it in most cases. According to the crew list Robert Bristow was a local man aged 31 and living at 49, West Ridge Road (or maybe Western Road), Portswood, Southampton. His wife's name was Lily and they had two sons, William and Arthur. There's a small photograph of him in the ET biography entry. By far the easiest way to look for connections like this is to work backwards through your own family records and recollections, in which case those are the names you need to look for. You'll probably find interesting people in your family history even if they weren't on the Titanic!

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