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Margaret MacDougall

Dear Sir/Madam

Within our household, we have held a Bible for some time which contains the following handwritten details:

Thos. Bowie, 3rd Engineer, SS Titanic
or 4 Union Street, Greenock, Scotland.

None of the records of crewe members of the Titanic of which I am aware allude to the above person. However, perhaps you could kindly solve a puzzle for my family by verifying whether he ever worked on the Titanic.

I would be most grateful for any constrcuctive advice to assist me with my enquiry.

Thank you for your kind co-operation.

Yours faithfully

Margaret MacDougall
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
As thoroughly as the material has been researched, if his name does not appear on the passenger/crew lists, then it's a very good bet he wasn't there. The Third Engineer of the RMS Titanic was Mr George Fox Hosking, and his bio can be viewed at http://www.encyclope dia-titanica.org/bio /c/e/hosking_gf.shtm l

Regettably, Mr. Hosking didn't survive.

Passenger and crew lists can be accessed on ET's index page with the Particulars of Engagement at http://www.encyclope dia-titanica.org/pog /crew_pog.shtml

Michael H. Standart

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