3rd officer Pitman in the movie

Andy In

Feb 19, 2006
Did Pittman show up in any part of this movie? I dont think i saw him in any parts. did any1 see him?

May 3, 2005
>>Did Pittman show up in any part of this movie? I dont think i saw him in any parts. did any1 see him?<<

I have just finished scrolling through the cast listing at the end of the movie. Curiously enough, I found all of the officers listed except Third Officer Pittman:
Captain Smith-Bernard Hill,
Chief Officer Wilde -Mark Lindsay Chapman,
First Officer Murdoch - Ewan Stuart,
Second Officer Lightoller - Johnny Phillips,
Third Officer Pittman - No listing !,
Fourth Officer Boxhall - Simon Crane,
Fifth Officer Lowe - Iaon Gruffudd (an authentic Welshman no less!),
Sixth Officer Moody - Edward Fletcher

Incidentally, Bernard Fox, who played the part of Col. Archibald Gracie in the 1997 "Titanic" and Frederick Fleet in the 1958 " A Night To Remember", recently showed up as a British Colonel in the TV Series "MASH".
May 27, 2003
If you look in one of the books released around the time of the movie, "James Cameron's Titanic" by Ed W. Marsh (Harper Perennial), you'll find a photo of all the officers (minus Wilde/Chapman) on page 66. A certain Kevin de la Noy is listed as Pitman.
If you look on imdb.com you'll find "Kevin De La Noy .... 3rd Officer Pitman (uncredited)", but also "Kevin De La Noy .... unit manager (as Kevin DeLaNoy)".
If I remember correctly, Simon Crane, who played Boxhall, was also a member of the filming crew (stunt coordinator), rather than a professional actor.

hope this helps,


Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
I seem to recall reading some comments from De La Noy a while back - he was disappointed that no footage of him made the final cut, but I seem to recall that he was invited to the cast party.

And not to be too overly pedantic, I hope (I'm a notoriously poor speller myself, so I'm in no position to be too critical) - Timothy is correct. There's only one 't' in Pitman.

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