40" myTITANIC model


Titanic Malaysia

Hey guys, I got my prized wooden Titanic (won via eBay auction that went all the way to the last minute, literally!) last week and she's now in a very lofty position in the display area at home... While the ship is mainly kept there, I've also taken her for photo-shooting as a test subject when using my iPod touch 5's camera, which is just superb for on-the-go shots btw!

Here are some of the shots that I've taken of the ship, for your viewing pleasure! :cool:


Titanic's hull area...


And one of the stern


I admire the hard work those guys did on Titanic - her top deck is amazingly accurate and followed the exact blueprints of 1912!


Imagine you're by the side of Titanic and looking up...


Trying to recreate that classic shot of the ship sailing away


Size comparison between our favorite liner and a yacht model


Titanic's port side flushed in spotlight - the room lights were switched off when this picture was taken

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