6th Officer James Moody before the final plunge

Adam McGuirk

May 19, 2002
Hey I was reading somewhere that before the final plunge that someone recalled seeing James Moody lying on or near the deck unconsious with a head wound. Maybe something could have struck him or he could have accidently been shot. I wish I could have remembered where I saw it so I could go back and read it. What I was wondering was is if any of you had any information. It would be greatly appriciated.

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
This has been addressed previously on this board, and is one of the risible furpheys that has circulated in the on-line community thanks to so-called 'past life memories.' I first heard it some years passed off as an historical source, oral history - it was later revealed that this same woman had fabricated crew diaries and other data.

In the aftermath of the disaster the Moody family went to considerable pains to establish what had happened to James in the final hours and moments of his life. They learned little more than what was revealed at the inquiries.

To date, Hemming's is the last account of Moody's whereabouts - when he was alive and active at A. After that, until when - if ever - new sources emerge, the rest is conjecture and silence.

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