97 Years "DEAD AHEAD"

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hi all, just posting this as it was around exactly 97 years since the men in the crows nest spotted the dreaded iceberg, being the anniversary you can just imagine what exact people were doing at this time all those years ago. just wanted to know your thoughts about the anniversary..
It's very sobering to think back to what happened tonight 97 years ago.

I have often thought of the survivors in the boats listening to the cries from those in the water, and how they must have been in total, deep shock as just six short hours before they had been having the time of their lives, and now they had been quite literally plunged into the darkest depths of hell.

Rest in peace to our beautiful but psychotic Titanic and the 1500 odd men, women and children who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In loving memory, Rich.
i second that, i've fallen asleep the past 5 nights from april 10th thinking about what the passengers were doing, well i suppose around 1 0r more deck would be under water now wouldn't it?
Ash, I've done the same as you wondering about passengers, the time and such. 6:40 Pacific time tonight will be the same exact time when the lookouts spotted the iceberg and the Ship commenced its convergence with the iceberg 97 years ealier. 9:18 the great Titan would have broken its back and by 9:20 - 97 years previous - a dream, an era, and a broken ego will have passed beneath the waves, leaving 1,505 left to die in the freezing North Atlantic.
I would like to say it has just passed 23.40 p.m here in the U.K and my thoughts are squarely on the events of 97 years ago. I can almost feel it unfolding, which is a unnerving feeling.
well i suppose by now (12:26 GMT) she would have gone, on a new journey 2 and a half miles down. i keep looking at my clock and thinking what would be happening at that time all those years ago.... it actually feels like it's happening now, to be honest. well thats another year gone i suppose 3 more years on, from this night shall be a century since the disaster, just think...
My thoughts?

Ninty seven years and we're still talking about it.

Regarding time zones, I think it was around 12:20am EST (The time in New York) that the ship struck ice.
Michael, that is quite ironic isn't it?

>> April 15th seems to be the day for disasters that leave you cold! <<

You're a firecracker.
Today is also the 20th anniversary of the horrendous tragedy at Hillsborough in Sheffield, when 96 Liverpool FC supporters were crushed to death.
I shudder thinking about it. It's so scary to think how joy and excitement of returning home or going to a new land turned so suddenly into horror and tragedy. Not just the Titanic, but the ship is a symbol of sudden turmoil. I compare other disasters to it.
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