A 2nd class passenger complained about an unfinished cabin uninstalled toilet fixtures and no heat

Here is a question I posted over on TRMA awhile back- I'll post it again here, in case any fellow ET regulars who don't frequent TRMA might offer some additional ideas..

Now as well all know, every liner will have some gremlins and bugs to iron out on their maiden voyage-Titanic being no exception-
Apparently completion of all the cabins, placement of trim and railings was not 100% complete when Titanic departed on her maiden voyage- for example, she was clearly missing a couple handrails on the outside of the gymnasium. There is a *rumor* Titanic's bronze clock (on the Grand Staircase) hadn't been installed, and was temporarily placed with a circular mirror, until the clock was installed in the 11th hour.
How about the covers of the stairs adjacent to the bridge that went down to A deck? It's clear that workmen worked until the very last moment on Titanic, laying paint, tiles, and furnature- I have always wondered- what areas of the ship were incomplete?

One survivor griped about inadequate heating and incomplete construction-that was 2nd class passenger (and survivor) Imantita Shelley. In her affidavit submitted to the US Senate for their inquiry into the Titanic sinking, Ms. Shelley wrote that she was displeased with her accomidations, and demanded an upgrade. She was not happy with her new cabin, and she went on to say....

"That this cabin, though large and roomy, was not furnished in the comfortable manner as the same accomidation procured on the Cunard and other lines; that it looked in a half finished condition......"

And apparently the bathrooms were not finished either,as she went on to write:

"In the ladies toilet room only part of the fixtures had been installed,some of the said fixtures being still in crates"

So apparently her cabin and the lavatory was half finished- was this common throughout the ship?
Then she went on to gripe about the lack of heat in her upgraded cabin-

"This room was just as cold as the cell from which we had been removed, and on asking the steward to have the heat turned on, he answered that was impossible, as the heating system for second class refused to work. That of all the second class cabins , only three-the first three cabins to be reached by the heat-had any heat at all, and that the heat was so intense there that the occupants had complained to the purser, who had ordered the heat shut off entirely;consequently the rooms were like ice houses all of the voyage"

This is an amazing revalation-I'm left to wonder-what was the problem with the heat? Did Olympic experience similar problems?
Apparently the heating problems were not confined to 2nd class, as
according to ms Shelley's account, when she was on the Carpathia, she asked 3rd class passengers as to whether or not they had heat, and she claimed they said they had the same heating problems....
Did 1st class have similar problems with the heat?

Titanic either had some serious technical glitches prior to the collision, or Ms Shelley was just a miserable old biddy who did nothing but complain about everything and everyone..
However she did survive, and had praise for the crew that handled the evacuation...

How incomplete was Titanic's construction?
Was there really a problem with the heating on board?


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