A 41 million dollar bid for the Queen Mary

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A bid for the Queen Mary
Even the first offer would clear up a lot of problems, and there could be more.

Article Launched: 04/26/2007 09:51:26 PM PDT

LB Press-Telegram
A bankruptcy trustee steps in temporarily to salvage a business that's either out of money or into a legal mess. In the case of the Queen Mary, it was both. But the job is nearly done.
Some of us thought the court-appointed trustee, Howard Ehrenberg, was overdoing the optimism when he first suggested a positive outcome for the company holding the ship's lease, Queen's Seaport Development Inc (QSDI). Now we wonder if he was overdoing the caution.

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This is GREAT news for the Queen Mary. Maybe we will finally see her as she should be.
From the article:

For the money, a developer gets the right to spend much more developing the acreage surrounding the forever docked and aging ocean liner.
They would do well first to fix the bloody ship! By all accounts I've seen, she's in poor condition and the incompetants who had her before didn't help matters at all. I hope whoever get's the lease manages to do a much better job of it.
There is so much potential there. But as you said, the money will be eaten up by renovations.

Then there is the issue of poor customer service and limited access to parts of the ship.

This place has all the problems of an aging hotel let alone an aging ship.
I was just on the Queen Mary today, and there seems to be a lot of activity on the Sun Deck where the Exhibit space once was.

Also, I would have been more inclined to buy something from one of the ship's tacky gift shops if the people running them would have been polite enough to even say "hello".

The tour guide reminded me of Lavar Burton on acid.

I honestly hope they are able to do it right this time. The ship just looks awful altogether. Worse than ever.
"The tour guide reminded me of Lavar Burton on acid."

That is quite an image, and the funniest thing I've read today. Thanks Steve!

Eric Longo

Joe Russo

I think you were lucky. Last year I went to see the Titanic exhibit on the QM and a fat tour guide who looked like Shirley Hemphill from "What's Happening?" tried to pick me up. I had to make a run for the iceberg section to escape.
I still enjoy the ship when I go and hope to God that this new deal will be a good one.
I'll be going to the ship in August so I hope by that time something positive will have come from all of this work thats apparently taking place onboard. Apparently the Observation Bar is undergoing a restoration effort and when I arrive I hope to be greeted by a room that closely resembles the way it did in 1936.
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