A book on Jack

Taz Mills

I know adequate knowledge about him and his voyage on the Titanic, and even his life before then. I plan to write a Historical-Fiction book on him and one of his many acclaimed fiances, but it seems to me that Historians and anyone else who knows him, shun the idea of getting him and his information circulating around the world in the young minds through text. I've been on many historical forums (Some that I might not name) where writers are put down for not having the correct information and told, "If you don't know EVERYTHING about his life, don't even do it." It's made me OCD about having the correct information and I've delayed writing for a while, (and making my colleague frustrated) just so that I know everything. I'd like the acquire substantial information for the Historian readers to eat up and then write the teeth-rotting froufrou part of the book for the rest of the world. Fair enough? Well there's my sob story. Now for the Historian part, I know that there are several out there, Names escape me, but I was wondering if they had email or any form of contact? Do you know any books? PLEASE HELP! It's waaaay to stress full and I've gone through so much paper, please be respectful and on subject, thanks! OH! Sorry for sounding pitiful!