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One and a half millions pounds&39; worth of goods were once thrown into the sea under the commands of Navigating Officer Robert Hichens. It was when the Minnehaha struck the Scilly Rocks thirty miles from Land&39;s End some years before the war. Hichens was sent in charge of 300 men to throw all the cargo overboard so that the ship could be salved. The wheels sic of the Titanic was in Robert Hichens&39; hands when she struck the iceberg and w... The Cornishman and Cornish Telegraph Thu, 10 Aug 1933

I spent sooo many hours researching the Minnehaha and Robert Hichens 'and' Reginald Lee. I believed both men were on the ship when it was wrecked in April 1910 but I could never prove it. I was even sent the crew records but they didn't make sense. This was all when the records were put in storage as the Belfast exhibition was being built and then I ran out of time to persue this line of enquiry for the book. I would love to revisit this research. Can you imagine if both men 'were' on the Minnehaha? what better reason for WSL to get these men well out of the way. In The Cornishman article, what Robert said was correct and he was tramping the country in August 1933. It would be just a few short months later that he would go to prison for the attempted murder of Harry Henley. May be they made a mistake in calling him navigation officer - he could well have been quartermaster though.