A couple of questions

Melinda Tyler

Apr 5, 2011
Hello, I am writing a book that is partly set on the Titanic (it's a time travel book). I have a couple of questions for all you experts! :)

First, does anyone know anything about the seating arrangements at dinner on the ship (This is for the first class dining) How many people to a table? How were people assigned tables for dinner?

If people opted to eat in the other restaurants (Ala Carte and Cafe' Parisien), were ALL their meals in those restaurants or could they opt to eat in the 1st class dining saloon and some in the other restaurants?

Does anyone have a description of what the corridors looked like on the Titanic? I'd really like as many details as possible.

Finally, how would someone be able to sit at the Captain's table? Were these dining arrangements made before the ship set sail? Or would it be possible for a person to be invited to the Captain's table during the course of the voyage?

If anyone know of a book that has a lot of details about the interior of the ship, I'd appreciate it. I've read quite a few books on the subject, including Lord's wonderful account, "A Night To Remember."

It's important for my book to be as accurate as possible.


Dec 23, 2005
HI, a bit late post but might be helpful for future browsers. As i understand first class passengers had to make reservation if the wanted to be seated with some particular persons. As for the other restaurants the could eat there anytime they wanted, so if you where hungry you would not have to wait for the dinner, but to be more clear you could not choose to dine at the restaurant instead of the dining room, As i understand the restaurant was not run by the white star line and the people that worked in the restaurant where not employes of the white star line. However when you where buying the ticket for the trip you could say that you where not going to attend any meals in the dining room then you got some discount from the ticket 5 dollars if i remember correctly. I recommend the book Titanic the ship magnificent volume 2 by Bruce Beveridge for all your interior questions.
Hope this is correct infromation,if anyone knows better please correct me!


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