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A couple questions about the Sirocco vents...

Discussion in 'Individual Features' started by CollinSearls, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. CollinSearls

    CollinSearls Member

    I've been using rivet-counter.com as my source for information on the ventilation of the ship, as it's the only source I'e been able to find. From that, I've gotten a couple questions:

    1. Most of the vents have a measurement. Are these measurements referring to the size of the opening?
    2. The main page for the Vents on rivet-counter.com says that the diagrams used for the vents are not to proportional scale. Is there a source where I can find the correct proportions of the vents?

    3. Vent 71, the vent next to the Aft Mast looks really tall in the diagram image.
    Vent Info Template
    Is this a case of bad proportion, or was it really a tall vent? I can't seem to find many pics of a vent being there, and the ones I do don't show a particularly tall one.

    It seems every so often I see someone linking to a place they say is a great source of reference and resources, but the links go to non-existant pages. Seems a lot of Titanic design resources just don't exist anymore, or are hard to find...
  2. Tim Aldrich

    Tim Aldrich Member

    Fan size would likely be the diameter of the "squirrel cage" inside of the unit.
  3. CollinSearls

    CollinSearls Member

    Okay. So it would be about the size of the engine bit with the + on it? (If that is an engine).