A crewman named Clarke on Titanic and the Empress

I have been told by Empress Of Ireland buffs that a crewman on the Empress named Clarke survived the Titanic and Empress sinkings. Titanic buffs I know insits its a myth. Any truth to the story?


Tarn Stephanos

Jason D. Tiller

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Hi Tarn,

I've heard this story and I've also seen it posted here. He's not listed with the other crewman, so as far as I know their is no truth to it.

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Angus Glass

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Walter Scott was a relativve his mother was
Carolina Glass before marring Walters father.
I would appreciate any detail such as occupation etc


I live in Quebec, Canada, few hours from the place where the Empress sank. And no there was no Walter Scott in board of the Titanic and the Empress, BUT... there was a man named WILLIAM Scott. And an historian at the Museum at Pointe-au-Père confirmed that there was such a man, and he told us even that that man ALSO survived the Lusitania, but he gave a false name when he got on board, because he thought that he has some kind of bad luck with ship and was afraid that his colleagues refused to have him on board! If you want come confirmation of what I said, just contact the Pointe-au-Père Museum and ask them, they are so nice and kind that it would be their pleasure to give you information about this. If someone read French, I also have the paper where it said. If you were in the shoes of Scott's colleagues, would you had left him get on board ?? ;-)