A Dark Conspiracy Of Assassination

May 27, 2007
New Movie about the Lincoln Assassination by Robert Redford is coming out this April 15th (2011).

The Conspirator (2010) - IMDb

This movie "The Conspirator" will be focusing on the controversial role of Mary Elizabeth Surratt (nee)Jenkins in the conspiracy.

We talked about Mary Surratt in the ballyhoo Jazz thread a bit but I could not find it and this is an event of the birth of the gilded age I thought we should have a topic about it.

I feel she should of done some prison time but not have been hung. I think Stanton might of bit off more then he could chew by pressing for her death.

Mrs. Surratt wasn't innocent but I do think she was innocent of the plot to kill President Lincoln. I think she knew about the plot to kidnap him but did not know that Booth and the other conspirators were planing to kill President Abraham Lincoln and Vice President Andrew Johnson plus Secretary of State William H Seward.

A website giving a glimpse of Mrs Surratt's world.

This isn't the first film about Mary Surratt. One I highly recommend is "The Killing Of Mary Surratt"

Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>I feel she should of done some prison time but not have been hung. I think Stanton might of bit off more then he could chew by pressing for her death.<<

Perhaps but there was a lot of hysteria in the wake of the assasination, and those who were left behind were out for blood. When a witch hunt avalanche like that get's started, it's notoriously difficult for anybody to put on the brakes.
May 27, 2007
True Michael that was my take on what happened to Mrs. Surratt as well.

Should be an interesting movie although in today's environment I do not know how well the movie will do. i hope it does well because it looks to be well done and Robert Redford has turned out some goodies before like "The Natural" and "The legend Of Bagger Vance"
May 27, 2007
I think Redford has a good track record for historical accuracy but the thing is that he has mostly done fiction. The Characters are all accurate from what I could see and the production team produced a documentary about Mary Surratt for NatGeo that I saw which previewed scene from the trial and Mrs Surratt's arrest and the atmosphere of the movie from what I saw looked accurate.

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
This on top of the Steven Spielberg movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln!

I really hope they don't butcher Stanton's character as a one-dimensional villain to Mary Surratt as some sort of misjudged martyr. I'm rather fond of him, for all his quirks (and sometimes because of them). Surratt was involved in a plot to kidnap the president in time of war (remember, the Civil War was still in progress at the time - it didn't end with the surrender of the Army of Virginia, and there were still armies in the field), regardless of whether she knew it had evolved into a plot to murder not only Lincoln, but other cabinet members.

I am not in favour of the death penalty, but there is a strong argument to be made that she had done enough to merit it by the law of the time. Of course, to be fair, the charge should have been treason and accessory to kidnapping if it couldn't be proved she was aware of the planned assasination but aided in the original kidnapping plot.

Senan Molony

Jun 28, 1998
April 15 of course is what links Lincoln and the Titanic...

47 years to the day -- an Ambush of Triumph, immediate society trauma in the milieu, followed by national shock...

My favourite Lincoln book is "Manhunt," about the flight of John Wilkes Booth....

But the best book title in the entire canon is this:

His Name is Mudd

I just love that one.

Ford's Theatre (note spelling, Colonials) has reopened... last time I was there it was shut for refurbishment. So I had to go to the White House instead... got a look at Our American Cousin... (He's Irish, of course!)

Anyone read Nathaniel Philbrick's 'Last Stand,' incidentally?

It's very, very good. The Little Bighorn as A Fight to Remember...

Hi Inger! Haven't seen you around here in years!

Glad to have you back from the world of Flapperdom.
May 27, 2007
Hi Senan,

I saw that movie and really liked it. The Actress who played Mary Jenkins Surratt did a stellar job in my humble opinion.

You should know that you can take the lady out of the 20's but you can't take the Flapper out of the lady. I'm sure Miss Inger (Howdy Inger) is still the Flapper Princess we all know and love.
I know I still jazz the night away and still do the Black Bottom.

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