A few rare TitanicWSL items for sale

Hello all.

Steve Santini here. It has been quite some time since I last posted to ET but in doing some digging around the home I have found some rare Titanic/WSL items I may sell should I receive reasonable offers on them. One is a section of the seat frame from a Titanic deck chair (This came from the ruins of a chair we had many years ago when we operated The Mantiboa Museum of The Titanic). An armrest from this wrecked chair was gifted by us to another collector and he sold it several years ago at a Christie's East auction. Further, one of the legs from ruins of this chair is currently owned by James Cameron. The section of wood I have on offer is from the front of the seat frame and it is complete with holes that once held woven cane. Also on offer I have a 3 inch by 3 inch section of cane once part of the seat of this ruined chair. And finally, I have an antique WSL gold ring in yellow gold, the flag in red gold, and the flag pole and star in white gold. In the middle of the star is a diamond chip. This ring is old, no doubt one of a kind, and has no hallmark although it is likely 10k gold. Anyone interested in photos of any of the above or in submitting a reasonable offer can e mail me direct at bookings@thedarkmaster.com
Thank you, Steve Santini / Titanic Concepts Inc.
I still have a few 3 by 3 inch sections of cane from this chair for sale (I did sell the first one mentioned in the above post) and I also have the section of seat frame available. Interested parties can contact me directly at bookings@thedarkmaster.com
Regards, Steve Santini/ Titanic Concepts Inc.
Hello: Owing to a financial meltdown (post accident) and unable to make ends meet, I have unwillingly decided to part with, as the heading notes, some of my rare Titanic/WSL items, including what I feel is an only known photograph of James Hesketh in circulation (SEE: Engineers Hesketh for the image). Also a hand-written half page letter of W.T. Stead on his Review of Review letterhead. A very unique, full starboard broadside 8 1/2" x 11" image of Olympic. For more information contact me. Please serious inquires only.

Michael Cundiff