A first class passenger's access

Jul 31, 2008
Do you think any first class passenger had access to any first class public room?
I know that the smoking room was for men, and I read that the swimming bath was divided between men and women, men were allowed in on certain hours and women on other hours. I also read on this forum, that little children were not allowed in the dining salon, not at the same time as grown ups anyway.
What I am asking is, since there were first class cabins in a wide price range, were there restrictions as to where a passenger staying in the cheapest cabin could go?
Possibly they were allowed to go anywhere in first class, but the price of for example eating at the restaurant kept some from doing so.
Wasn't it so, that eating in the D-deck salon was included in the ticket price, but the restaurant cost extra?

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
The only 'restricted' 1st Class tickets were those sold at heavily discounted prices for ladies' maids and valets, who had no access to any of the 1st Class facilities including the dining room.

For the rest, all facilities were available and as you suggest meals in the dining room were included in the ticket price but the restaurant operated independently and made its own charges like any other. 1st Class passengers who elected to eat only in the restaurant received a discount on their ticket price.
Jan 29, 2005
Do any photographs survive of the Maids and Valets dining room? I'm sure there are none from the Titanic, but what about the Olympic?

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