A ghost at Francis Millet's grave

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A couple years back I was down in Bridgewater MA, visiting the grave of Titanic victin francis Millet.
When I developed the film, there was an odd cloud in front of his grave. Could this be his ghost?
what do you all think?

Tarn Stephanos
Interesting Tarn By any chance was this the first or last exposure on the film. What kind of Camera what film 35mm? Jon
Looks more like a trick of the light to me. Personally, I neither believe nor disbelieve in ghosts. The only one I've ever seen was on a very hot day and I was dehydrated. Once I drank sufficient water, the ghost went away.
> [Hi Mike, I asked Tarn if this might have been the first or last exposure on the film. It almost looks like a light leak in the camera like if after you load you do not advance far enough and the first frame has some residue of light on it from loading when the camera was open, This usually happens at the start not the end as the rewind usually puts the entire film back inside the can with no trailer. Just an old photo lab techs opinion]
Hi Jon
It was one of those one time use cameras..This snap was halfway through the roll- The other photos came out normal.....Very odd!

> [Tarn, So it was a throwaway jobbie eh what. Well now lets see, was it a solid overcast day or perhaps was there a peak of sun at tims that may have hit the camera for a split second? Next was there a car parked nearby that could have reflected light or anything on the gorund like a glass bottle or can? NOW NOW NOW with throwayea cameras sometime the shutter is not on perfect sync with the flash. Did your flash go off? From the looks of your photo it looks like late in the afternoon so it most likely did. To me it does look like a flashback reflection if you look real close you can see the bright spot which would if it were the flash show it was out of sync. Just a laymans opinion but hope it might help. Now I am going to the other Salvage site now and your going to get it Cheers Jon ]
here's something to think about....

If it were a ghost, why would it be hanging around it's grave? Wouldn't it want to go around somewhere else and haunt somebody or watch a movie?

And secondly, why would a ghost show up on film, but not to the human eye (I'm guessing you didn't see it, did you?)

Anyways, I don't believe in ghosts so my guess is it's just a film error or camera problem.

The best of luck,
I'm not going to say either way...while I do believe in ghosts (to an extent), that doesn't rule out a camera error at all. Put it this way, there usually has to be other things that occur along with the picture glitch before it can be said that it's anything supernatural. Any temperature fluctuations around the grave? Did you have any weird kinds of feelings that took place either there, or sometime immediately afterwards? Because if not, I'd say it's highly unlikely you were visited by a spook.

Besides, what use would Millet have for hanging around his grave all of these years? Was he the kind of person who might have been predisposed to sticking around after death, even given the manner of his passing?

Brian R Peterson

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Hi All,

I have been to several reportedly haunted places and took pictures at various times of day to see if any "ghosts" I found determined on weather or sun conditions.

There is one place imparticular, a long stone tunnel running under a 200 year old graveyard, where I have not only seen ghosts, but heard them and caught them on film while taking pictures of the ceiling as well, here are some images, see what you think.



Best Regards,

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