A ghost at Francis Millet's grave

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You sure you were not just smoking dope ? And thats what the smoke is

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Hey Tarn and Brian;

I'm not sure if I believe in ghosts...I've had some unsettling experiences but nothing caught on film.

Regardless, the photos are great!!! Ghosts or not, they make good conversation pieces (obviously).

Supernatural or not something happened to call Tarn to the grave site and take that picture of question that day. Look what has happened since with all the new discussions about Frank Millet here on this forum. Did Frank speak to Tarn that day???
Thanks Tarn I am sure Frank is appreciating all the attention to his life after all these many years since you posted that picture. Did something of the supernatural happen?? Of course there will be many who will POO POO this idea BUT again BUT!!!!!!!!!!
I realize no one has posted in this thread for over TWO YEARS; however, on the off-chance anyone, particularly the original poster, is interested, I felt quite urgently compelled to add a response.

Having just moved away from my childhood hometown in southeastern Massachusetts, which incidentally is located two towns over from East Bridgewater, the original post literally "hit home" for me. Now, what I have to contribute on this topic requires a certain suspension of incredulity, so please bear with me...

A few years ago, I found out that the area in which I grew up is known in some circles as an epicenter of paranormal activity, collectively known as "The Bridgewater Triangle." I won't try to describe it in my own words; instead I've taken the following from this website:

The Bridgewater Triangle - Massachusetts

This paranormal area was first defined by researcher Loren Coleman in his book Mysterious America. The Triangle encompasses an area of about 200 square miles and includes the towns of Abington, Rehoboth and Freetown at the points of the triangle, and Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, North Middleboro, Segreganset, Dighton, North Dighton, Berkley, Myricks, Raynham, East Taunton, and Taunton inside the triangle. Central to the area is the mysterious Hockomock Swamp, which the Native Americans called "the Devil's swamp."

Paranormal activity in the Triangle include:
Low-flying UFOs. The first UFO sighted over Bridgewater was in 1760, and was described as a sphere of fire that was so bright it cast shadows in broad daylight. Another was sighted on Halloween night in 1908, appropriately by two undertakers. Dozens more UFOs have been seen in the vicinity from the 1960s through to present day.

Sightings of Bigfoot. The hairy hominid has been seen many times around Hockomock Swamp. In April, 1970, the creature allegedly picked up the rear of a police squad car, much to the surprise of the two officers inside.

Thunderbird sightings. Witnesses claim to have seen a giant bird or pterodactyl-like flying creature with a wingspan as great as 12 feet.

A large phantom dog with red eyes was seen killing two ponies. The witness, the ponies' owner, said the beast ripped their throats and was almost as big as the ponies themselves.

Assorted strange or out-of-place creatures, including black panthers, giant turtles and snakes as thick as tree trunks.

Cattle mutilations.

Indian curses. According to one tale, the Native Americans had cursed the swamp centuries ago because of the poor treatment they received from the Colonial settlers.

Ghosts. Visitors have experienced such haunting activity as the smell of smoke when there is no fire; a bonfire atop a rock that mysteriously vanished and ghostly voices in Algonquin tongue. There may also be a redheaded phantom hitchhiker who terrorizes motorists on Route 44.

Spook lights have been seen on a number of occasions.

Now, I don't claim to believe in any of the above phenomena; in fact I personally think most of it is a bunch of #$%^&! However, I will say that in the 24 years I lived within the "Bridgewater Triangle," I certainly witnessed first-hand some questionable events. Moreover, as a Titanic enthusiast, and having come across this thread quite accidentally, I have to admit my mind immediately turned to what I'd heard of "The Bridgewater Triangle" and its purported propensity for paranormal activity. In any case, whether this has any bearing on "Tarn Stephanos's" experiences, I figured it wouldn't hurt for him to know that these occurrences are rumored to be commonplace in the Bridgewater area. Regardless...now I want to visit that cemetary, although part of me is scared!

PS...in that photo, I can make out two distinct faces within the alleged "ghost" which resemble photos of Frank Millett...maybe I am just imagining them, though?
The first UFO sighted over Bridgewater was in 1760, and was described as a sphere of fire that was so bright it cast shadows in broad daylight.

The sun, per chance?

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Hello Robert,

Just go to the top of the page and click on "Archive through June 3, 2004". It's in the very first post by Tarn Stephanos.
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