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On the crew listing there is an A J EAGLE, (trimmer).
Can anyone tell me what a trimmer did, and does anyone have any more info regarding this man?
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Hallo, Mark. His name was Alfred James Eagle, born in Surrey. At the time he signed on for Titanic he gave his age as 27 and was living at 13, Lyon Street, Southampton. He died in the sinking and his body was not among those recovered and identified. The Titanic Relief Fund provided a weekly allowance for his mother Ellen, so presumably he was unmarried. Trimmers worked in the boiler rooms, levelling the coal in the bunkers and bringing it to the firemen ready for use. This was very hard work, done in 4-hour shifts.
Mark - Here is a bit more:
Eagle, A. J. Lived at 13 Lyon Street, St. Marys, Southampton, Occupation - Trimmer. 27 years old. (Born in Surrey).
(From the Mansion House Relief Fund Booklet 1913).
Number 96. Eagle, Ellen, Mother, received 17/6 per week as class G dependent.
(From the Titanic Relief Fund Minute Book number 2, Southampton Area)
Date December 22nd 1913.
Case number C96. That an application for additional relief for a grandchild be disallowed.
(From The Brighton Argus, 20 April, 1912).
Sussex and the Disaster
Worthing Associations
Among the crew of the Titanic was a young man named Crosby (sic) a nephew of Mrs. Sole, of Langleigh, Ham-road, Worthing, who was one of the Turkish bath attendants on the liner. Another member of the crew was Mr. A. D. Eagle, a nephew of Mr. E. Best, of Lyndhurst Road, Worthing. The name of neither of them has so far appeared among the list of survivors.
Mrs. Gosling and Mrs. Guy Michell are organising a special matinee performance at Worthing, of Mrs. Gostling's successful play Perkin Warbeck, on behalf of the widows and orphans' fund, Mr. C. A. Seebold having lent the Theatre Royal for the occasion.

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