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John Meeks


I heartily recommend Walter's 'Pearl Harbor' offering. Read it last year.

Would be most interested in your observations as an old Navy man.


John M

Jason D. Tiller


I'm sick and tired of your stupid game. Enough is enough!

As Michael said, go somewhere else where people will be idiotic enough to believe you.

I know! You listen to Rush Limbaugh, don't you, Noel? I bet you signed up for that power word course he advertises on his show! THAT'S where you get all those big words!

"People judge you by the words you use." - Rush Limbaugh

Well, from what I've read of people's replies to your words, apparently you've been judged to be a pompous windbag. Why don't we all just check the ego at the door and relax and enjoy ourselves? Research is tedious enough without having to first shovel out the horse pucky. Have you seen the statistics on our public school systems? It's shocking! So since we get a lot of public school students on this site, let's make learning available on a level they can understand, and make it fun so they'll keep coming back to learn more! Imagine what the world would be like with a better educated youth....

Stop with the "my opinion is more valuable than your opinion" crappola. Enough already with the "controversy for attention" gimmicks! Chill out - have some chocolate, you'll feel better. Instead, let's focus on enlightenment and we'll all get to the truth - it's out there!

(who lives in the same town as Rush Limbaugh)

Tracy Smith

I'd like to stick Rush Limbaugh with a pin and let out all that hot air...
I think the actual insult is to Rush Limbaugh- being compared to Mr. Jones. There are legions of us who are staunch fans of Mr. Limbaugh, and proudly so. We ARE known by the words we use. I see no probem whatsoever with that claim and believe Mr. Limbaugh's statement is only further confirmed by a pompous, ill-timed display such as that of Mr. Jones.
Well, at least Rush has the integrity to correctly identify his sources. DAMN what a concept! Noel could actually learn something from that!

As to the rest, well, your results may vary.

Michael H. Standart
"There are legions of us who are staunch fans of Mr. Limbaugh...."

I agree, Phil, and am proud to count myself among them.

Eric Sauder
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Rush Limbaugh is indeed the 'Howard Stern' of the right wing Republican agenda, and why Rush still obsesses over Clinton when he's gone borders on obsession. Very interesting how the indiscretions done by Republican Newt Gingrich were all but ignored by the Rebublicans, but they used dirty laundery to nail Democrat Clinton to the wall.

Clinton smoked a joint in college, and the Republicans went bannanas. But the fact Bush jr did cocaine in college is ignored by the Republicans.
It was all dirty politics- Republicans vs Democrats, and vice verse, , and the citizens are the ones screwed in the end. The game was to see what dirt can be dug up on members of the opposing team,use it to discredit them, but play down any indescretions and your own teammembers. I wonder if these two teams (Republicans and Democrats) will ever work together, and not as enemies?

I was once half tempted to call Rush's show to see why he's such an anti envrironmentalist, when after all, it was a great Republican named Teddy Roosevelt who helped to found the Environmental Protection agency, and was one of the America's staunchest environmentalists... ..

Im inclined to agree with Ralph Nader, in that the bi-partisan politics are poison to American politics. Excluding thirrd parties is likley unconstitutuinal, stiffles change, plus the Republicans and Democrats have gone so far off into their respective corners, many moderates and middle of the road voters are left high and dry.

Bush sr. alligned himself with the far right wing bible thumping crowd, thus aliened many moderate Republicans.

Gore alliged himself with the far left environmentalists and apolopgists who suggest criminals are the 'true victims'. This all alieneated many moderate Democrats.

If only Jack Benny were still on radio, he could make sense of this whole mess....

A pox on Rush's house!!!!

Just out of curiosity, for our friends accross the pond in the UK, is there ever dirty infighting and name calling between the labor and torrie parties?


Tarn Stephanos

a moderate Democrat
"after all, it was a great Republican named Teddy Roosevelt was help found (sic) the Environmental Protection agency"

Well, one would certainly have to concede that a Republican was wrong on that one!
<ahem> Ahh...let's not forget who the real "enemy" is here. Somebody named Noel Jones if memory serves, and his attacks on Walter Lord's integrity.

Just a thought.

Michael H. Standart
Phil, Eric, Mike and Pat. Robert and I would be proud to stand with you. (He would speak for himself, but he is involved with the evacuation of people and animals in an out of control brush fire in the mountains at the moment.
And why would anyone attack Walter Lord? He was always friendly enough to answer any Titanic questions posed to him, and he planted the seed of Titanic fever in most of us thanks to his wonderful book. God bless the man.


Tarn Stephanos
I think if we can't discuss religion, politics ought to be off-limits too. I also agree that this discussion of Rush Limbaugh is a bit off-the-mark. Frankly I'm surprised to see so many people posting support of him but saying nothing of Walter Lord who is the one being attacked here.
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