A Medical check for captain and officers? And would Smith even pass?


Aly Jones

Were there any such thing of a medical checks for crew before a voyage? Like we have today.

And if not, Considering Smith's age, would he even pass if there were medicals?
A very good question indeed. I believe he was to old for the job and the stress been place on him should of never been the captain of Titanic!
I thought that too, he was to old, and made to many mishaps. I also had read he fail his navigation test. The rest of the officers past.

Would you think there were any kind of medicals in 1912?.
The Board of Trade conducted eye site checks of the officers. Interestingly, Third officer Pitman failed the newly revised BOT eyesight check after the Titanic disaster, in September 1912 (despite having passed seven checks previously) which essentially ruined his career as an officer and he changed to the Purser's Section, and "spent the rest of his seagoing days shuffling paper" as Walter Lord eloquently put it in his book The Night Lives On.
OK. Obviously captain Smith passed his eye medical? As I recall, Smith never wore glasses. Unusual for a 62 year old man to have 20 / 20 vision.
he was a great captain actually he went down with the ship which is even better his age was fine !!!!