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The game in the other forums regarding who should play what role has inspired me to address the topic through an entirely different approach: Instead of listing the characters and suggesting actors who could play them, how about a list of actors and what roles or which type of roles they would or should play. Therefore . . .

If any of the following were to star in a Titanic movie, which roles or types of roles do you think each should or would most like play and why?

For example:

* Arnold Schwartzenegger: a rich 1C millionaire

The list:

* Gabriel Byrne
* Bruce Willis
* Alan Rickman
* Mick Jagger
* Glen Close
* Sharon Stone
* Lindsay Lohan (Ick!)
* Jude Law
* Antonio Banderas
* Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr)
* Rosanne Barr
* Robin Williams
* Tom Cruise
* Harvey Keitel
* John Forsythe
* David Hasselhoff
* Patton Oswald
* Cate Blanchett
* Richard Attenborough
* John Mahoney
* Will Smith
* Kevin Costner
* Harrison Ford
* George Clooney
* Brad Pitt
* Brendon Gleeson
* Johnny Depp
* Ian McDiarmid
* Ralph Fiennes
* Maggie Smith
* Robbie Coltrane
* Richard Griffiths
* Timothy Spall
* Gary Oldman
* Timothy Roth
* Michael Gambon
* David Thewlis
* Julie Walters
* Ashton Kutcher
* Kevin Spacey
* Juliette Benoche
* Max Von Sydow
* Alec Baldwin
* William DeFoe
* Liam Neeson
* Alan Alda
* Don Knotts (is he still alive?)
* Andy Griffith
* Tom Hanks
* Billie Whitelaw
* Christopher Eccleston
* Patrick Stewart
* Benny Hill (is HE still alive?)
* Jack Nicholson
* Ralph Fiennes
* Jean Reno
* John Malkovich
* William H. Macy
* Brendon Fraser
* Steve Buscemi
* Oprah Winfrey
* Nicolas Cage
* John Travolta
* Martin Sheen
* Charlie Sheen
* Anthony Hopkins
* Ed Harris
* Jodie Foster
* Tommy Lee Jones
* Kid Rock
* Ellen Degeneras
* Helen Mirren
* Estelle Parsons
* Johnathan Winters (is he still alive?)
* Keith Richards
* Gene Simmons
* Emma Thompson
* Adam Ant
* Jay Leno

(and . . .)

* Arnold Schwartzenegger (I couldn't resist. ;))

Yeah, I know this list is long. Look at the bright side--it could be longer, hehe

Some of these are downright ludicrous, but all are challenging. ;) Characters can be specific or general (e.g. J.J. Astor, steerage), but none can be fictional (e.g. Jack and Rose). In short: characters should be only those who were actually there. After all, this is for a remake on ANTR.

Have fun!
>>Some of these are downright ludicrous, but all are challenging.<<

If the Anti-Lordites were re-making the Titanic movie, they might choose Andy Griffith as Captain Smith of the Titanic and Don Knotts as Captain Lord of the Californian .....
Just one [very important] note I forgot to mention: You aren't required to do all of these, hehe. Only pick whichever you find interesting and go with it/them. Some likely will be left unused, which is expected. Hell, many of these don't even belong in a Titanic move anyway. I was merely thinking about which actors would be nice to see in a Titanic movie, and I decided to see what others thought.


That would certainly be an interestingly ironic twist, considering these two actors' past association. ;)
You know, I could see Tom Hanks playing a good Chief Officer Wilde. I never heard him speak with a British accent, though, so I don't know if he could pull it off. He and Henry do bear similarities in facial appearance. I'd be curious as to how he would perform the role, hmmm. Wilde would have to have a bigger stretch in the movie, though, for Hanks to consider takin on the role.

ed o'keefe

How about Richard Attenborough as Captain Edward Smith . This outstanding actor bears a strong resemblance to him.
>>How about Richard Attenborough as Captain Edward Smith . This outstanding actor bears a strong resemblance to him.<<

Just for comparison :

Of past actors, I thought Laurence Naismith in ANTR had a strong resemblance to Captain Smith until he took off his hat. I had always envisioned Captain Smith as having a full head of hair.

IMHO Bernard Hill in "Titanic (1997)" was the best as far as resemblance goes.

...And Brian Aherne in "Titanic (1953)" the worst.
>>I left out the all time worst - George C. Scott as Captain Smith.....<<

I don't know about that. When a good actor is saddled with a bad script, what can he do beyond play the part he was contracted to play?

When a good actor is saddled with a bad script, what can he do beyond play the part he was contracted to play?
Actually, many an actor or actress has used the response "MY character would never do that!!".
Tyne Daly ("Cagney & Lacey"), Donna Mills ("Knot's Landing"), Robert Foxworth and Susan Sullivan ("Falcon Crest") were some of the performers who stood up to unreasonable plots, dialogues, and reactions penned for them to do.
I am sure that many a person who has worked with an actor and/or actress can attest when that person decided it was appropriate to argue "I don't think so".

I am sure that if George C. Scott knew what Captain Smith was like he would not have done the "Patton-redux" scene. Bernard Hill was more accurate in his performance.​

Beth Barber

Well, Johnny Depp is such an awesome actor - he could play nearly any part you threw at him -

maybe Gabriel Byrne as Mr. Andrews (though I thought Victor Garber did a most excellent job!) or maybe as Bruce Ismay?

I like Michael Gambon too - not sure what part would be good for him? one of the first class passengers? Benjamin Guggenheim?

Beth Barber

Oh and I forgot part of the poll was to say Why we thought who should play what part

to my answers above - Michael Gambon - I have seen him in a few other things and he plays the part of an "aristocrat" "society" person well.

Gabriel Byrne - I loved him as D'artagnon in Man in the Iron Mask - no real reason as to why I think he might be good as Mr. Andrews or Bruce Ismay.

Johnny Depp - well, I just like to look at him :eek:)

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