A new Titanic movie sets sail on ITV

Downton Abbey creator whoever that is, Julian Fellowes. By the way, why is this new post at the bottom of the post listing? No one looks for new posts at the bottom

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...And adding fictitious subplots to the story, how unique, that has NEVER happened before in any other Titanic movie!

Julian Fellows is also the Oscar winning director of "Gosford Park," but lest we forget that the two writers of the 1996 mini-series were also award winning and experienced script writers/novelists and look how well THAT turned out to be. *shudders*
I'll wait before I judge. The intermingling of classes worked quite realistically in Gosford Park. Perhaps that same quality will reflect for this creation too.

Afterall, whose to say it DIDN'T happen?

Adam Went

The 1996 mini-series has got nothing in terms of dreadfulness on that film they made about the Britannic a decade or so ago....just thinking about it gives me the shudders.

Pleasing to see that there will actually be another Titanic film though, was thinking not long ago we were about due for one....think any potential films in the pipelines were canned for a while after James Cameron's, for fear of being drawfed - perhaps rightly so too!

I only watched the first 15 minutes of the first episode of Downton purely to see the Titanic bit at the start to see the titled chap being very concerned about the plight of the third class aka 'those poor devils locked below.'

Very post modern commentary given to the gentry of 1912!
It has been so long since I have seen a Titanic Movie. I will be watching just to check it out. I have been lost in Medieval Land so long now I feel that I have just got back from the Crusades.
Trailer on you tube.