A new user is copying and pasting other peoples posts


Apr 3, 2020
Hello, hope youre all doing well.

So I was browsing the forum and saw a post identical to something I wrote a while back, I looked and turned out it was my post word for word. Well, part of my post.
In Sinking theories, the post named Barrett's "wall of water"? posted by a user named GabrialMish ... This is copied from my post in Dec of 2020 with the same title.
I saw that this member had just created an account 4 days ago, so I checked out the profile activity and looked at another post of theirs, I did a search for the title and turns out, its someone elses post from like 2016 copied word for word. They even reply to comments they get with "thank you".

Does this strike anyone else as strange? Is this a thing people do?
I just dont see any reason to do something like that is all.