A Night to Remember on Radio

Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
BBC7 is broadcasting a somewhat abridged version of ANTR in 10 parts. To hear it online, go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbc7/

Click on Listen Again, then on the program for Monday. Note that ANTR begins about four minutes into the sound clip.
I think this is the recording Martin Jarvis made about the time the Titanic movie was made in 97 or 98 and was released as an audio book. What would really be impressive would be the recording I remember hearing on Radio 4 in 1986 read by Walter Lord himself if I remember correctly. I was only nine at the time but it left a deep impression on me.

Eric Paddon

Jun 4, 2002
It's too bad that ANTR hasn't been tackled as a full-fledged radio drama. In fact, I'm not aware of any major dramatization of the Titanic sinking in the radio medium (I am not counting the absolutely dreadful Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater story "Mr. Hugo's Night To Remember").

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