A Night To Remember trailer question

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In the trailer for A Night To Remember, they mention "What happened on the ship that stopped within site of the struggle with death but did not save a single life?"

Where did this part of the Titanic's story come from, anyway?
It's an obvious reference to Californian, which is depicted in the film in several scenes.

(Exits hastily, before brawl breaks out)
And that is what makes "A Night to Remember" such a fantastic film, the CALIFORNIAN episode. However Cameron's film was also spectacular, particullary in it's special effects department...the general public who were taken aback by the TITANIC story unfolding on the big screen know little, if absolutely nothing about the eye witness which counted her cry (eight rockets) for help.

Now I relize that there were some CALIFORNIAN scenes origanlly produced by CAMERON that failed to make the big sceen, but if I had had CAMERON'S money and film capabilities I would have set a standard by giving the movie going public a "two" part telling of TITANIC's tragedy in theater. Three and one half hrs. is not near enough time to begin to recount the events which unfolded 14-15 April nineteen hundred and twelve...

Michael Cundiff
Michael, I tend to agree with you. But the Cameron movie TITANIC was really not about the Titanic. It was a love story about a couple of fictional characters called Jack and Rose with the Titanic serving as the backdrop.
Yes Sam...but Cameron included so many of TITANIC's actual moments unfolding... the Charles Joughlin character standing along with Jack & Rose during the stern's final moments. That scene was partially adapted by Joughlin's survivor account of his "elevator ride" wherabouts he stepped off the stern, and kept his hair dry, which was a factor in his surviving the frigid NA water temperature.

I just feel the CALIFORNIAN incident should have been an important inclusion in Cameron's epic film.

Michael Cundiff
SAM: I could not agree with you more. Hench my previous post of a two part CAMERON story. The
unknowing should know about IDA STRAUSS plight to remain with husband ISIDOR until the end. (Absolution) Sure, CAMERON showed them cudding in bed aboard the doomed liner. But ANTR unfolded the bravehearted woman exiting a lifeboat to be with her long married husband.

That is the "true" love story of TITANIC...

Michael Cundiff
>>The Californian affair is a separate movie if the dare to make one.<<

Oh, I don't even want to think about going there! I'd rather take another summer cruise through an unswept minefield!
I was in high school when the 1997 Titanic came out. For some reason, all anybody could talk about was how "when that guy jumped off the boat and hit the propeller, it made him spin around a lot as he was falling down into the water"

I take it Titanic's propellers weren't spinning at this point, though, right?

Question: At 1:59:23 to 1:59:30, after the sinking, there is real footage of a ship resembling the Carpathia, heading from left to right across the screen. Was this actual footage of the ship?
>>I take it Titanic's propellers weren't spinning at this point, though, right?<<

No, but the premise here is that the impact happened in such a way as to cause the unlucky victim to spin.

Timothy Trower

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No, the footage is a recreation done for the movie. Those files are packed or I would give you a definitive answer, but I'm almost certain that shot was CGI.

Paul Lee

I think Ryan refers to ANTR. Is the footage daylight footage, before Lightoller is called from the rememberance service in the saloon? (my ANTR is in storage)... if so, this is genuine newsreel footage of the Carpathia.
>>If controversy is what helps sell movies, then this has the possibility of being a blockbuster!<<

Fill your boots then! Go for it! Hope you make a million! For myself, I learned a loooong time ago that when the Californian comes in, it's best to get the breakables and the deadly weapons out of the room, then get out of the way.
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