A Night to remember

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Hello, I just wanted to know if the book a night to remember has any pictures of the passengers in it? anyone know? I'm thinking about buying this book and i'm more partial to ones with photos do es anyone here like this book? I know most people at amazon.com give it five stars, I own many books about the Titanic & i wanted to know if this book is worth having. Thank You Dee
ANTR is one of the best of the Titanic books. The paperback editions don't have pictures, but hardback versions do. The only passenger pictures are portraits taken before the disaster and some from aboard Carpathia. If its pictures you want, your best bet is "Titanic - An Illustrated History" by Don Lynch or "Titanic - Triumph and Tragedy" by Eaton and Haas.

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Just to add to the conversation, it was in 1976, I believe, that an illustrated edition of "A Night To Remember" came out with far more photographs and illustrations, I believe. I have a 1956 English first edition which has 47 photos and illustrations, including photos of the Titanic and Olympic, specific cabins, the Turkish bath, gymnasium, plus lifeboat snapshots and pictures of other areas of the ship. Passenger and crew photos include those of J. J. Astor (I should point out that this photo has now been proven to be not of Astor but of his cousin), Captain Smith and Purser McElroy, Fifth Officer Harold Lowe, Mr. and Mrs. George Harder, Countess of Rothes, Mr. and Mrs. Isador Straus and several others.

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I believe the illustrated ANTR is still on sale. Looking through it quickly I find quite a number of pictures of crew and passengers, mostly familiar figures like Astor, Straus and the band members. Watch for the shot of Harold Bride looking odd in Cottam's clothes, which are too big for him. There are also good pictures of the boats and the davits, showing quite clearly how they worked. Well worth having, in spite of Lord's ocasional errors.
The 1976 book not only includes many more
illustrations than its 1950s counterparts, but
Lord did add 3 or 4 paragraphs of information not
included in the 1st edition.
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