A passenger taking papers to authenticate

Erin Hopkins

Apr 11, 2009
My appologies in advance as this might be quite a shot in the dark.

My grandma sent some items that belonged to her mother that she didn't want. Among the items were several articles and sheets of paper that had been carefully preserved.

One of them was a letter sent shortly before my great-grandmother died talking about a woman who was allegedly a passenger aboard the Titanic. It said that this woman was carrying several leather bound books and was going to America to authenticate these writings. The writings were about the old west and cow girl folks. It also said that this woman died when the Titanic sank.

I'm sorry to say it made no mention of this woman's name but said she was about 23-25.

Again, it is quite a shot in the dark and there may or may not be any information on this mystery woman available.

Either way my curiousity has been captured and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this?

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