A Refurbished Long Gallery

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Hey everyone. After reading some material on the current state of the Queen Mary, and the destruction of many of her public rooms.. I have created some 3d renderings of what I think a refurbished Long Gallery could look like. Mind you that the window placement and dimensions are off due to the limited capabilities of the program I've used, but what I am sort of proud of the finished outcome.


Photos of the Long Gallery and more information on the room.

Mary Hamric


I must say a lot of the QM is just not maintained very well. The state of the ship differs from area to area. But overall, I'd give it a "C". It could really use some refurbishing.
Thank you Mary.

I am currently working on an updated version of my Long Gallery, that is more historically correct. I have been trying to join that websites discussion group on yahoo, with no success. I think that they should use many of the recommendations, because the Queen is loosing many my the second.

One of my ideas would be relocating the Chelsea to the space that was occupied by the prewar Ballroom. Instead of recreating the Ballroom, I would base the design on a more modern version of the First Class Lounge. A smaller Starboard Gallery would be installed linking the Main Lounge to the new Chelsea.

Many renderings to come.
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