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I would love to hear anyones input on this thread I am starting, a sort of challenge: You are "time traveler" on the Titanic. How will you survive? The rules are:
1) You cannot leave the ship via a lifeboat (you may however, enter a lifeboat after leaving the ship through some other means)
2) You can utilize any information on the titanic and its sinking that you have learned through books, movies, and this website (Except for entering a lifeboat, per rule 1)
3) In your escape, you may only use tools and materials that were available on board (No bringing stuff like duct tape or a raft back in time with you!)

I'll go first.

I'd "borrow" a screw driver from the carpenter's shop and remove four doors from the first class cabins. I would lie two doors next to each other and lash them together. I would then take the next to doors and lay them over the first two horizontally. I would then lash and/or nail them together as a raft. (Note: assembly would take place on the forcastle, due to easy launching conditions and its distance from interfering crew members and panicky passengers. Once the raft was completed, I would get some blankets from the cabins I just visited, for warmth should I get wet or splashed during the launch. I would also secure several canvas bags. I would put the blankets in one bag, then the whole bag in another bag, to try and make them as water resistant as possible. While getting the blankets, I would also break the legs off the writing desk in the cabin, to use them later as paddles. After that, I would hunker down on my raft and wait for the water to overtake the forcastle, thus floating my raft off the ship. Since the forcastle settled gently, unlike the officer's quarters, I should float off rather easily. After that, I would paddle to the nearest boat, perhaps D or 4, or wait for Officer Lowe and boat 14.

That's quite a daring attempt at survival! Just one problem: only the crew had access to the forecastle deck, and I'm sure the same applied to the carpenter's cabin, as well. By the way, welcome to the message board!

I would dress warmly and put on a lifebelt. Next, I would go to one of the public rooms and wait until all but the last two collapsibles were on deck (since you said we couldn't just get in a lifeboat). Then, I would grab a deck chair and when the final plunge took place, I would use it as a type of "boogie board." Hopefully, I would make it into either Collapsible A or B.


In regards to the carpenter's shop, I'm sure there are multiple areas where I could find a screwdriver if the shop was locked. If all else failed, I could try breaking the lock. In regards to the forcastle, what devices were in place to prevent passengers from gaining access? The only impediments that I know of would be the splashguard (which could be easily bypassed) and the sign on the splash guard alerting passengers that the area forward is off limits. Besides, I doubt the crew would care much about one passenger on the forcastle when they have to worry about the boats, the electricity and ultimately their own lives.

John Meeks

Am I really allowed to use information gained on this site and elsewhere? I am? OK, here goes....

Armed with a box-cutter(!), I would force my way onto the bridge, sieze Capt. Smith by the throat, and demand that the ship be slowed down and turned South...

I would be arrested in New York, and spend the rest of my life in jail, knowing that I'd saved at least 1500 souls.....!


John M
John, a box cutter? Brian did say you can't use modern equipment! ;-)

Also Brian, you might get more weird looks carrying your doors from first class to the forecastle deck!

As for me, I'd probably do what Mr. Hoyt did. Jump in the water soon after the boat was launched and swim for it!

Daniel Odysseus

I'd stick by collapsible B the whole time, and hold on to the rope as tight as I could... Then when it got washed away by the smokestack, guess who would still be sitting merrily on top?

Oh wait. Does that count as "entering a lifeboat?!?" I never really went IN a lifeboat...

And John, I don't think 1912 prisons were very fun... Better get yourself back to 2002 before landing...


John Meeks

Think of it as a 'generic' term....


I'd have kept out of jail by offering them the'low-down' on the Lusitania!

Save a few more lives..


John M

Ken hogan

hmmmmm lets see. Id grow a moustace like ismay, steal his clotes and borrow a webley after I tied Ismay up. I would then take the bridge crew hostage, and demand the ship be stopped. I would have other ships radioed, and all the passangers taken off. I would then pull the seacocks and sink the ship anyway. Id then untie ismay take off my disguise, and board another ship. He would then take the rap, and Id go to New York with a pocket full of white star line silverware from the Titanic!
Well, if I'm ever a contestant on "Survivor" I want Brian on my team. He sounds pretty resourceful. My first choice would be to hit the button to bring me back to 2002, but barring that, and knowing cork was used in the refrigeration lockers, I might rip the door off one of them and use it as a float. Of course, being a girl, I'd probably have some difficulty getting access, let alone ripping the door off. But then, being a girl, a might actually get thrown into a lifeboat in spite of the rules not to get in one. Hey, do duck feathers float? Weren't mattresses and pillows stuffed with them in those days? And weren't the ticks made of canvas?


Chris Nicholson

Ok, first on April 10th I would make crude knock out gas from stuff around the ship and use it on everybody. I would drag everyone to the back 2 decks and lock all the doors leading out of the decks so when they all wake up they dont try to get out. To prevent anyone from climbing the rails, I would electrify them using wiring pulled out from walls. Then I would use the radio room and tell them that we are taking on water and need assistance. I would wait till the ship is in sight and then run down to the boiler rooms and cargo holds and using crude explosives built from coal dust taken from the bunkers and blow holes in the ship. That way everyone survives and the ship still sinks. I know that there is stuff wrong with this story, but it is still a cool one.

Don Tweed

I would go to the pharmacy and take all the condoms they have in stock. I would return to my cabin and remove one of the doors to my closet or bathroom. With a small bribe of a bottle, I would have a hammer,nails and some tape.
I would then spend the next few hours drinking and blowing up condoms then nailing them to the door.
I would then hunt down all the plastic bags I could find, return to my room, and tape them all around my body, drinking even more as i do this.
Dressing as warm as possible I would grab my "boat" and make my way to the forward part of the ship at midnight.
Throw my rig in and paddle with a piece of paneling I tore from my cabin wall, making my way to the nearest lifeboat.
I would let the tragedy happen.
Because if I tried to stop it and succeeded, it would cause a rift in the space time continuim.
If the sinking never happened, why would I go back in the first place?

I suppose you'll join the other men for brandy and cigars and congratulate yourselves on being the masters of the universe? :-D

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