A Transatlantic Crossing Aboard the QM2

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The New York to San Francisco segment of the QE2'S world cruise in January that I was going on,well because of some unforseen thing that I don't want to reveal,I had to cancel going aboard the QE2 next January.However I did book a roundtrip transatlantic crossing aboard the QM2 next July 6th from New York to Southampton arriving in Southampton on July 12th.I will spend the day looking at the tourist attractions in Southampton before re-boarding the QM2 on the same day of July 12th for the crossing back to New York.Anyone else reading this who has done a transatlantic crossing either aboard the QM2 or QE2 how did you enjoy it? I have been aboard the QM2 previously on 2 cruises to the Caribbean.One of the tourist attractions in Southampton that I do want to see is Berth 44 of Southampton's Eastern Docks.This is the dock that the Titanic sailed from which is close to the Berth 38/9 that the QM2 docks at according to the maps of the Southampton docks I have seen,and does anyone know if Berth 44 is opened to the public? One last question I would like to ask is anyone else planning to do a transatlantic crossing aboard the QM2 or aboard the few transatlantic crossings the QE2 still does each year?

Kyle Johnstone

Hello Jerry,

If you are going to taxi to the Queen Elizabeth II terminal to board QM2, simply ask the driver to pull over at berth 43. (I think it's 43, rather than 44?) You will be free to get out and look around. Don't miss the small Titanic memorial placque, placed into a block of concrete in a bed of gravel near the entrance to the docks (to the left as you are looking at the entrance from the outside) It is very small, so you have to really look for it. The placque was placed there by the British Titanic Society in 1993.
If your transport to the terminal takes you directly there, then once you drop off your luggage, you can walk back up to berth 43 before boarding QM2.
Try not to miss other, more prominent Southampton Titanic memorials. All the tourist information counters will provide you with a map. Also, the Maritime Museum is well worth making the time to see, and the famous ocean liner collectors paradise "Cobwebs" is in Southampton.

I will be on QE2's Jan. 07 and Jan. '08 crossings, as well as QE2's 40th anniversary cruise 'round Britain in Sept. 07. It's a shame you had to cancel, but you'll love your QM2 crossings!
Kyle, Thanks for the information.By any chance are you also interested in doing the QE2's eastbound transatlantic crossing on April 12,2008? I did just booked it a few days ago and to me it is interesting to do a transatlantic crossing at this time because it would be right at the time of the Titanic's 96th Anniversary of her tragic sinking,And after disembarking off the QE2 in Southampton I will spend a few days in Europe before boarding the QM2 on April 22,2008 for the transatlantic crossing back to New York.Kyle I hope you enjoy your transatlantic crossings aboard the QE2 in January'07 and January'08 and the QE2's 40th anniversary 'round Britain cruise in September'07.I would love to do a transatlantic crossing aboard the QE2 in January because I have read about the group of passengers who do it from reading the messageboard of cruisecritic.com and I have seen your name on the list of passengers on this thread that is about transatlantic crossings aboard the QE2 that is in the cruisecritic.com website.Anyway as I have said before I would love to do a transatlantic crossing aboard the QE2 in January.But the problem for me is how to get to England from the U.S.A. when I really do not care for airline travel and there is no other way to get to England from the U.S.A. in the month of January.I really wanted to do the transatlantic crossing aboard the QM2 in April'07 instead of July'07.In Cunard's 2007-2008 brochure it listed a transatlantic crossing sailing from New York to Southampton on April 18,2007,arriving in Southampton on April 24,2007 and on the same date of April 24,2007 the QM2 will sail back to New York.But the problem is that Cunard let some company charter the QM2 for the April 24th Westbound transatlantic crossing and the QM2 is not available to the general public for this particular transatlantic crossing.The person whom I spoke to over the phone from Cunard's American office did apologize for printing by mistake the April 24th transatlantic crossing of the QM2 when that date really should have been omitted.

Joe Russo

Here is an interesting tidbit from the San Francisco Chronicle...

Airfare boosts make crossing on QM2 seem reasonable
It may be time to consider a once-in-a-lifetime transatlantic crossing between England and New York City on the Queen Mary 2, one of Cunard's grand ocean liners, and the last ship to ply this legendary route.
That's because the price of airfare to London has shot up so much that it's approaching the luxury level that you would pay to take the ship instead.

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