A Tribute to Jack


Jason Rodway

I hope many of you will join me in this tribute to John B Thayer Jr.

I feel he is one of the more tragic figures of this disaster.

Not a great deal is said by this very private man/boy, but it seems evident to me that his thoughts went deep.

I never knew this man/boy. But it would have been an honour to meet him, as it would have been to meet so many people that survived this catastrophe and let's not forget those whose stories will never be told.

To me, John 'Jack' Thayer, will forever epitomise the story of Titanic and despite his final demise, will be a symbol for all that life is worth fighting for.

Just felt I had to share that.

Jul 11, 2001
Hi Jason,

I agree. His story is just as fascinating and tragic as the Titanics story. His mother must have also been lifelong connected to the Titanic as I believe she passed away on the anniversary of the sinking.


Jason Rodway

Thank you David. Yes you are right: Mrs Thayer did die on the 32nd anniversary of the disaster. From her obituary it states natural causes.

I have been interested in this family for a long time. I cannot imagine what it was like for 'Jack' on that night.
Everything in his life before, must have been very secure and settled, and the thought of change far in the back of his mind.

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