A Turkish Bath

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No, the closest Cameron's production crew came to building a Turkish Bath was when we built a lounge chair, a canvas chair and a Damascus table to be used as practicals on a greenscreen set for "Last Mysteries of the Titanic." My CG reconstruction of the Cooling Room filled in as backdrop during post-production.

In late 1995 and early '96 I gathered as much Turkish Bath reference material as I could and provided it to Cameron's art department at Lightstorm Entertainment. The set designers worked on at least one layout drawing for a Turkish Bath (Cooling Room) set. I remember there was some modification to the actual room that the designers (or Cameron) felt they needed to make... I don't recall what exactly, but I know I was disappointed that the room wouldn't be "perfect."

Early on, the set was dropped from the planning and never built.

Hi Ken and Parks,

I was watching the special edition DVD last night and I wondered if a second class area was ever considered for the movie. It occurred to me as Leo and his friends run onto the boat deck from the second class staircase entrance during the sinking that this was the only time a second class area features.

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Adam Tarzwell

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I would have liked to have scene the 2nd class staircase built and we see Jack, Rose and their friends running up through the 2nd class common areas. Oh well. The 2nd class part of the ship I have always noticed has got sorta lost in the shuffle as usually the opulence and luxury of 1st and the lower decks of steerage are focused upon more. 2nd class on the Titanic was equal to 1st class on many other ships of its day.
Hello to Ken Marschall-

Just a note of appreciation from one who is an amateur in the field of "Titanic." I have certainly appreciated your art work in "Titanic
An Illustrated History" and yours and Don Lynch's commentaries on "A NightTo Remember" and "Titanic" are certainly worth more than the price for just the film portion of the DVD.

Did you work with the "Titanic - Adventure Out of Time" CD-ROM game ? For example , how accurate is the Turkish Bath on the game ? And for that matter, all of the other areas of the ship ?

I'm just an interested party in the subject of Titanic and something of a rivet counter.

My main area of interest historically is The Hall of State at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

And I have started a somewhat amateurish website.:

Best regards, nice to see your postings and thanks again for all your efforts,

The problem with portraying the Turkish Bath in a film is twofold...it's damned difficult/costly to replicate in exact detail and there's no Titanic story tied to the room. On the contrary, the one First Class passenger who talked about the baths (don't remember her name off the top of my head) didn't much care for the experience. It took me - with Ken Marschall providing the research material - two years to recreate the Cooling Room in CGI. Earthship couldn't afford the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of hours that Ken and I spent on that CGI, especially since at that time we didn't even know if Jim would be able to find his way into the room or if he did, the room would be intact enough to be recognisable. So I did my work for gratis and the gamble paid off.

Even so, Titanic's Cooling Room proved to be different than the best reconstruction of Olympic's and Britannic's Cooling Rooms (my final pre-expedition model would be an amalgam of the two) would indicate. If a full set of Titanic's Turkish Bath Cooling Room had been built, it would have been in error. My modified CGI, with information from the dive footage incorporated, will be seen in the DVD release of LMoT and the companion book that Dr. MacInnis will be publishing next spring.


Thanks for your compliments on my artwork and movie commentaries. If you're interested, there's a website under construction (www.KenMarschall.com) that is devoted to my work in more detail, a complete gallery of all work, matte paintings for movies, full bio, etc. It should be finished early next year.

I remember feeling rather disgusted with my commentaries on both "ANTR" and "Titanic" when I had just finished them. The sessions were WAY too casual for my taste, with no easy opportunity for retakes (without causing everyone a hassle), so we just kept plugging along, flubs, coughs, gurgling stomachs and all. It's all done "on the fly." I might think of a GREAT comment on something I'm seeing in the film, but Don's in the middle of talking, so I had to let it go. Same thing happened with Don, of course, with me rambling on when HE thought of something to point out. It can be frustrating.

The "Titanic" commentary, done last February or so, was in two sessions with a dinner break in between. It was a very long night. I remember feeling that I did okay for about the first 45 minutes or so (held my own against Don's endless knowledge and passenger/crew anecdotes), but soon lost steam as he charged on with his fascinating details and I grew wearier. By the end of it I was exhausted and can't imagine how stumbling and useless I must sound. I was assured that we both did fine and that "editors can work wonders." I know they can, but I haven't had the courage to listen to the commentary on the DVD.

No, I didn't do any work directly on the "Adventure Out of Time" CD-ROM, but I provided reference material to Bill Sauder who did advise them. As to how accurate a job they did, I've seen a few screen grabs, and as I remember they just built an Olympic TB (Titanic's was laid out entirely different, as you know).

Re: the proposed Turkish Bath set for the movie "Titanic," I now recall that a small foam-core model was even built. As I mentioned, there was something horribly wrong about their design...the art director wanted to make the room octagonal or some such...and I was relieved when the set was dropped.

Good news on the "Last Mysteries" DVD: I am told that Cameron has significantly reworked the Turkish Bath discovery/exploration sequence, and it now includes much more footage. Presumably you'll finally get to see the nice close-ups he got of the bronze light fixtures, fallen valuables locker cabinet, cast-iron remains of the weighing chair, and the brief glimpse of the marble fountain in the dim distance before the comm link was lost.

To those who purchased a "LMoT" DVD from Discovery Channel in early September, be advised that that was an unauthorized sale, and when Cameron found out, the DVDs were quickly pulled. He has been working on his own approved/extended version, just now finished, which will be sold by Discovery soon. That's the one to get. Watch for it.


Damon Hill

I am working on a model of the Turkish bath at the moment. Seeing the images captured on the recent dive was a big help and answered a few questions, but, as always with the Titanic, it raised others!

I intend to post full views of my Turkish Bath Cooling Room CG model, along with other CGI that I made in preparation for this year's expedition, on my website after the LMoT DVD is released. That might help to answer your remaining questions.


Damon Hill

Thanks Parks. That will be excellent. Can't wait to see them. The ones that you've done previously looked really good too, as well as the ones for the Marconi Room and other rooms.

In all honesty, I thought you did an excellent job on the commentaries. I didn't your comments to be useless in any way.


Do you know roughly when the Cameron-approved version of Last Mysteries... will be released? If soon, this is a major candidate for my Christmas wish list. Thanks in advance.
Hi Parks...thanks to you and Ken for all the research/work you've done on Titanic. Anyway that first class women you mentioned was Mrs Frederic Spedden (Margaretta). She wrote in her diary that she tried the turkish bath and would never again. She is the same woman who's story she wrote for her son was later redone into the book "Polar, the Titanic Bear".

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