About Mary McGovern as told by a relative

Sep 23, 2010
I recently just discovered that Mary was a passenger. I am the great granddaughter of A Mary McGovern, however due to my grandfather being an orphan (left with the name McGovern and his mother's name, Mary) at a Catholic orphanage that later burnt to the ground along with records. Is there any possibility before Mary left for Ireland in 1920 that she could have given birth to a boy that she gave up in New York? I would appreciate any information you have - it'd be great to tie up many loose ends on my father's side. - Meghan
Feb 20, 2018
Hello Mary, My name is Maureen . My Grandmother was from County Cavan, in Corlough. My grandmother's maiden name was
Ellen McGovern. Who married a Philip McTeigue from same place. Came to USA. We have other relatives there 2nd cousin James Joseph McGovern. To let you know Mary McGovern on Titanic Think was my grandmothers cousin can remember her telling us stories of that. If you get this please email me. My great uncles Tommy and James Mcgovern. Let me know ? Maureen.
Michael and Maggie McGovern lived in Carrikallen Cavan Laurah Parish and had daughters Mary McGovern , Annie, Kate, Margaret and Bridget . They were a part of the Carrikallen Creamery on Mountain Lodge Rd. Mary left for New York and worked as a private teacher around the time of the italic. Michael McGoverns brother was I believe James.

Anne Mcgovern

Mary Kathryn, "Mary Kate" was Hugh's wife, not his sister. I am Mary McGovern's grandniece.
. Hi there I think that Mary Mcgovern is related to my family my dad was Tom Mcgovern of co caven his dad was John Mcgovern &he married a Bridget Doolan his mum ,they were Co Caven people my email address is annie-oh@sky.com

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