Access to H&W design archives?

Aug 2, 2007
Is there any way to gain access to documents from the H&W design archives without going to Belfast? I'd be particularly interested in finding the resistance and power curves for the Olympic class, and any records of towing tank testing.

Doug Criner

Dec 2, 2009
I visited Belfast a few years ago. The shipyard is essentially deserted and abandoned. H&W has been defunct for a long while. So, there would be no documents available there at the yard, I think.

Our taxi driver drove us around inside the yard. The only things to see are the large cranes and the drydock in which Titanic was docked. We walked right up to the edge of the drydock. There was no security or fence.

Pete Poston

May 20, 2012
Philomath, OR USA
I contacted H&W Heavy Industries though their webpage contact link, and I was given a very nice response. They actually circulated my email to the various departments with people who had been around a while, and none of the engineers knew of any floodable length curves or how Andrews did the calculation. As stated above, everything of historical value has been sent to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.

I would just like to thank H&W for taking the time to answer my question. The company that built the great liner still cares about her, I think.
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