Access to the Cargo Holds

Rob Lawes

Jun 13, 2012
Hi all,

Can someone help me visualize the lay out of the access to the cargo holds, in particular the three forward holds. Obviously they were initially accessed from the focsle via grated hatches which were then covered with canvas and batons. What I would like to know is were the subsequent lower decks hatched or was there a single continuous tunnel access down to each hold with door off at each level to each deck. I have read the testimony from various crew members who talk about the force of the air being pushed up from the flooding below lifting the canvas from the hatch covers but it's not clear how the deck lay out is arranged. I think that there were open decks from F deck and above and below that there was a single hatch cover on G deck that when removed revealed a four sided box that dropped down the remainder of the way into each hold.

Can any one provide a bit more information on this ?

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