Accurate Titanic kit

Andrew R.

Does anyone know if the Academy 1/400 Titanic ( Kit #ACD14226) is equally or more accurate than Minicraft's 1/350 kit? I admit I am drawn to the Academy kit due to the photo etch and wooden deck upgrades that are included. Plus they did a great job with the marketing photos. The bottom line for me though is the accuracy of the kit. I would appreciate any advice before I make a potentially pricey mistake.


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Jack Raby

I didn't see the real thing but from a well documented review I read it seems quite accurate. I'd say even a bit more than the Minicraft. But of course at 1/400 you can't get the details to scale. Just a single example : the breakwaters should be .12 mm thick and from the pictures I looked at they're way over 1 mm. Wooden decks are a + but again each plank should be .3 mm wide at this scale. And the decks are cut from a single pattern missing all the planking details. And so on.
The bigger the scale, the more accurate it will be. Personally I would go for the 1/200 Trumpeter but it's a lot bigger and pricier.
I'm building the 1/144 Billing Boats kit and I have to design all the fittings and 3D print them with a resin printer to get them looking a bit more like the real thing. And I'm planking the decks with .9 mm strips of wood (more than 150 are needed to cover the width of one deck). You said accuracy? It comes with a price :)

Andrew R.

Thanks for Your advice. I would like to see your project when finished. I agree With you on the scale issue, however, as this is my second attempt at detailing a ship model in Almost 30 years, a 1/570 Titanic being my first, I thought I would work on a scale close to what seems to be the gold standard, according to Rivet Counter and other sites I have visited. I know a lot of the detail may even get lost in this scale.
After researching the available kids, I went with academies 14215 kit and purchased fly hocks upgrade kit, Mostly because it seems Fly hawk has a more detailIn their kit than Academy’s. , I hope this project will be good practice. We have to crawl before we can walk.