Ada West


mary mason

Hello everyone,
as i live in Cornwall, i am interested in the cornish passengers. according to Craig Stringers CD, Ada and her two little girls lived at 2 lemon street Truro, i was in Truro today and took some notes and pictures. (i also visited the old home of joseph fillbrook)
anyway, i have looked at her bio on this website, and it says on her death certificate she was living at 46 Lemon street. so can someone tell me if she lived at both these addresses or if not which one did she live at?

i am so proud of myself today because it is the first time i have been out of my house for two years, i have been suffering from agrophobia for a while, but thanks to me researching the Cornish passengers it has got me out of the house and back into society

I don't know the answer to your question off the top of my head, but the possible inconsistency of the two addresses in Lemon Street was well spotted by you. I will be interested to see if someone can shed some light on this.

I hope you will post a photograph or two on this board in due course. Did you have a look inside Truro cathedral for the memorial plaque?

So pleased to learn that Titanic matters are helping you to get out of the house again. Keep up the good work and best of luck with your rehabilitation.

Mary, that's very nice indeed!! Congratulations! If you ever were to come across an interview with the West family, I'd be very interested to hear about it!

Tony, i will certainly post some pictures on this board when they are developed. i took pictures of 2 Lemon Street, which is now been knocked into number 1 and is being refurbished. it used to be a clothes shop but it has recently been sold and is now being refurbished. i didnt take any of number 46 because it wasnt until i got back that i looked at her bio. if she did live at this address then i will get some pictures as soon as i know. it is now a dentists, i have been in there in the past and it is quite a maze of little rooms. i haven't been in the cathedral to see the plaque yet, i am going to Truro again in a few days so i'll try to get in to see it and take pictures.

Joseph Fillbrooks house, 16 Charles Street is still there, it has new windows and doors but the brickwork is still standing. Charles street used to be called Melbourne Terraces, there is a plaque built into the brick of number 16 which says the houses were built in 1902.

Peter, if i come accross a interveiw, i will let you know straight away
i have got the pictures, i will submit them to Ada's biography page and hopefully Mr Hind will put them up when he has the time