Addergoole's Titanic Passengers Co Mayo IR

I am hardly the pick of anything; a "deargamadán", as my grandmother often called me.I managed to spell your family name wrong, and forgot in the thread's posting to give credit to your well researched book "The Irish aboard the Titanic."

Let's hope I get it more accurate when others post a question or a query about Addergoole or Lahardane and the Titanic.

Inger Sheil


In April 2002 a memorial was erected in our main village to the memory of the 14 passengers and all others who were on the Titanic.
I hadn't heard of this! Will have to put it on the itinerary for the next visit. Would you happen to have a photograph?

(I don't think you're the first to spell Senan's name wrong - there's a reason one of his nicknames is 'Sean O'Maloney'!)​

Inger Sheil

Many thanks, Mick. I enjoyed looking at the website - the photograph of the relatives of survivors and victims was particularly remarkable, and a reminder of the ripples spreading ever outward from this long-ago tragedy.
Glad you liked the photograph. Ours is a small close knit community. What is remarkable about the group of travellers, is not just how large it was, but four of the group were "returning yanks"; all women, also everyone in the group had a relative to go to in the States - I suppose that was a condition of travel.

Everyone in Addergoole is aware of the Titanic. We would particularly like to make contact with relatives of our three survivors who live away from Ireland.

Senan Molony, a regular on this forum, published a book a couple years back called "the Irish Aboard the Titanic" which has pictures of a large percentage of the Irish passengers. Among the 14 are pictures of the three surviving women and victims Mary Mangan and Nora Fleming.

I'm not sure how widely available his book is for purchase. I ordered from him directly so you may want to get in touch with him as well.