Additional theory RE Crow's Nest


Michael Cundiff


I also have a documented one page NEWSWEEK article regarding Ballard's '86 visit to TITANIC.
In the article (features one photo as well) mention of Martin Bowen's exploration of the foremast with his *swimming eyeball* whereupon his "J.J". R.O.V. became somewhat entangled at or around the crow's nest.

I found it interesting that no close up scrutiny of the nest from the '86 expedition was ever publically released either video or still photography.

However, I am away from work where I keep many of my important documents in a fireproof safe and I am currently using the resource facilities of our Nevada State Library (Thanks to Bill & Melinda Gates for the grant) I can share the document (precise source info.) as soon as 24 November '03.

Michael A. Cundiff
It is a beautiful day before Thanksgiving in Carson City, NV . . . USA

Pardon this my belated entry...

The aforementioned article is in hand, however, when it comes to my personal chronicling of Sept. 1 '85 to present, I am a fanatic in preserving the documents. In which case I use a ruler and xacto blade to trim the articles with perfection for preservation in mylar pages.

Having said that, there is more than enough information listed herin for any list member to pinpoint the direct source.

The heading is SCIENCE (Either TIME or NEWSWEEK) the article is entitled "J.J." Tours the Titanic - By Michael D. Lemonice. Reported by Joelle Attinger/Woods Hole

It was during the Ballard led '86 expedition that I offer the following direct quote:

"As the week progressed, J.J. continued to perform spectacularly. It followed the mast up to the crow's nest and found an undamaged brass mast light"

Furthurmore of the same paragraph:

"There was an anxious moment as J.J.'s tether caught a jagged piece of metal, but Bowen manuvered the robot back and forth until it pulled free."

Now, and as attested by numerous video, I am well aware of the time when J.J. became entangled during Martin Bowen's attempt to visit the Titanic's grand staircase, subsequently freed by rotating the R.O.V. to exactly pinpoint the pinchpoint.

As previously mentioned I just find it interesting that *no* close-up still or video was publically released of the crow's nest from the *1986* Ballard led expedition.

I remain,

Michael A. Cundiff
BTW, I also have a one page SCIENCE contribution of Michael D. Lemonick entitled...