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Brad Rousse

Yes. My memory's rusty, but here's what you do: Get the Rubaiyat as fast as possible, then get the painting IMMEDIATELY.

If you were still late, no worries. Jack Hacker has the painting, and he'll give it to you while the Titanic is sinking if you get his sister her baby back.
Thanks, Brad. I guess I'm just not fleet of foot enough (or fleet of mouse and arrows :)) to get the painting in the hold.

However, on the times that I have "won" I did get the letter , trade the letter for the baby and trade the baby for the painting.

Yes, I have gotten all four things off the ship.
(Only at least once or twice :)

I must admit I cheated a bit and bought the book with the hints and solutions. (I found one at Half Price Books for a fraction of the original price.)

I used it mainly for solving the doll and the bomb problems. The painting was the hardest thing to get (for me, that is). I worked through the game step by step, saving each time after I had gotten each thing. On each step sometimes I had to go back and do it over again until I finally got it. It's been some time so I can't remember exactly how I went about it other than the above notes. When I did get all four things I got off the ship at the last moment when "Third Officer Morrow" orders you into the last lifeboat. Other times, and when not quite so successful, when the "Gorse-Jones'" invited me to get into the boat with them.
To help get the painting on the first time, heres what to do:

AVOID talking to Zeitel or Max on the grandstairs reception. its a waste of time

only do the stuff the purser tells you. one you got the keys, proceed IMMIDIETLY to cargo hold.

DO NOT talk to Penny on beat deck and listen in on the convosation between Sasha and Zeitel untill AFTER you get the painting.

if you do all this, the painting should still be there. Just keep your eyes on the painting and nothing else and youll get it,worry about anything else later.
There are 10 tour guides available for the tour version of Titanic--Adventure Out of Time. You get three tour guides with your original game disks and then have to download the other seven from the game's web site (it used to be but has changed). Anyway, there was a third disk for sale that had the additional seven tour guides on it. I have seen this version of the game for sale on Ebay. I have saved all seven additional tour guides on my hard drive in case the new web site decides to drop the downloads of the additional tour guides. They are really neat. If you are walking around the ship after you have downloaded the additional tour guides, they are waiting for you as you go past them. Robert H. Gibbons
>>I just have one thing to say...DO NOT LEAVE THE SHIP WITHOUT THE Rubiayat. It ruins your day.<<

Do not leave the ship without anything else on the sure you have everything....there are lots of other ways to ruin your day....or make it if you leave the ship with everything !
I had played the game for some time on my old computer which had Windows 98, but it won't work on my new computer, which has Windows XP.
Is there any solution, or is this just a case of planned obsolencense ?
I have it on my computer, which has vista. It works okay.... not great. I installed it wrong in the first place, because I selected the wrong "color scheme"..... My husband fixed it. lol installed it the correct way, and it works fairly well. Sometimes when the menu's come up, they come up in black and white. But other than that it works pretty well.

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