Aft Well Deck Utility doors

Bob Read

Mar 3, 2002
This may seem like a dumb question at this point but I am unable to confirm the location of the steel utility doors around the cranes in the aft well deck. Were they located on the angled bulkhead next to the crane or did they flank the #5 hatch on the on the athwartship bulkhead? Later Olympic had them on the angled bulkhead but by that time they were also changed to WTDs and other door locations had been changed. Marschall locates them on the aft bulkhead flanking the hatch in his cutaway painting. That would mirror the location of the two doors flanking the #6 hatch. My problem is that I can't locate a photo confirmation on either early Olympic or Titanic. Also, it seems that these utility doors were not indicated on GA plans. I almost tend toward the location of flanking the hatch because they were going to locate a stairway on the angled portion and they might have interfered if they were placed there. Anybody have any definitive evidence one way or another?

Bob Read

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