Aftermath of Sept11th 2001 and Titanic

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Don Tweed

May 5, 2002
Well i'll put in my two-cents worth on this!
It's hard to say about our standard of living.
I mean, we have such frivolous things in our society that do not amount to a hill of beans.
Gadgets and products that we really do not need, yet individuals in a free market society place them before us like we are sheep or lemmings and will follow one another in kind.
I have always felt that no child should go to bed hungary, anywhere in the world, and that it should be our #1 priority to see it accomplished.
In a sense, this does have something to do with Titanic, and the separation of classes.
When the gap grows ever wider between the well to do and the have nots, something has to give!
The simple waste created by the Western world would benefit millions, yet nothing is done.
Alot of people do their part to make things better for those less fortunate, but alot of people also do nothing and continue to wear their rose colored glasses.
Our standard of living is not to high, it just lacks the heart and integrity to make it the cornerstone that all should follow.
It is a shame, and probably one of the main reasons, that history keeps us from the unification of the world, which we are in dire need for.
To put it mildly, Osama, and all others in power who do not see the big picture, can got to hell in a hand basket for all I care!
From the guilded age to the present age of wearing blinders, we do not react until it's to late!
Instead of a ship slipping beneath the waves into obscurity, next time it could be the whole ball of wax.
Just one persons opinion, mind you!
Peace and health to you all, Don

John Meeks


I don't think Michael was being hostile to you at all...and I certainly wasn't.

What, I think we were both trying to stress was "Don't be too hasty in donning a hair shirt" !

Of course we agree that all of us on this board, with our computers and network connections et al benefit from having been born, or landing in a sophisticated Western society. That's the luck of the draw. But - do we have to feel guilty for that? As individuals...really guilty?

The very moment that we the very moment that we hand over power to groups like Al Quaeda...we place ourselves firmly in their hands.

As Don pointed out "our standard of living is not too high, it just lacks the heart and integrity to make it the cornerstone that all should follow."

I agree...and I admit that much of it has to do with greed.

But greed is endemic in all societies - believe me!

So, for God's sake, don't let us all start feeling guilty for being in the best position for improving the lot of others.

And, in closing. I think more and more that this is a matter concerning Titanic, in that it must so closely follow much of the discourse that took place following the events of April 14, 1912.

And by the're right...and Michael's right too...history does repeat itself, and every dog does have his day! I'm a Brit. We lost hurt...

But we never let on....!


John M
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Sorry if you saw my post as hostile Susan as it wasn't. I'm just trying to calls them as I sees them. There is a serious disconnect when we try to see OBL through our eyes and assumptions when the fact is he has his own ideas.

We desperately need to try and see him through his eyes and his worldview.

Don, I won't comment on your remarks or the question over whether or not they have merit. Arguements can and will go either way on that one. What should be bourne in mind however is that Ossama and Company don't really give a hoot about any of that. Beyond whatever hay they can make of it in a propaganda war, they just don't care! His hatreds are deeply rooted and religiously based to a point that few in the West can even understand much less appriciate.

This is the point that John Q. Public seems to be missing...and the politicians as well. (Which when you get down to it is just more of the same old thing.)

>>And by the're right...and Michael's right too...history does repeat itself, and every dog does have his day!<<

All too true John...and that's probably the scarist thing I've heard all night.
Jun 4, 2000
Tom wrote: ...Scenario: build the plastique into one battery compartment, and put real volts in the other. When they ask to demonstrate it, no problem....

Susan wrote: ...What could possibly be your motivation for posting that scenario in this forum?

Mike S wrote: Reality perhaps Susan?...
Having just had first hand experience of the new security measures regarding laptops and air travel (including removal of batteries and examination of the laptops' innards), I'm somewhat reassured. And if that's happening here, I've no doubt it's even more stringent in the US. So perhaps the 'reality' is not met in this scenario but in another... Er, back on topic someone? Anyone? More collapsibles on Olympic, but without perhaps the crew training/numbers to launch them all effectively in case of an incident?

(Terribly off topic this - will have to send myself an admonitory email and then suspend my membership. Dearie me.)
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