Again nearly all ET Articles pasted and copied

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They've also raided Titanic-Titanic and the THS site. At a guess, I'd say that website is located somewhere in the Far East beyond reach of legal retribution. But they do have Google ads, so that's a point of leverage.
I noticed that the article I co-wrote with Tracy Smith and Erik Wood is there along with quite a few others. Bob is, unfortunately, probably correct that they are beyond legal retribution. The hell of it is that right on their Homepage they have the following which encourages the piracy.
Titanic article with a couple of hundred words or more, plus any relevant photographs or information to accompany the article would also look good on the page. Don't worry about your spelling skills, punctuation or quality of photographic material, these can all be edited and enhanced to make the article look professional and polished.
Isn't that cute?

Paul Rogers

...especially as that phrase has been lifted (out of context) from the Titanic-Titanic Articles Home Page.

The site owner obviously can't even write his/her own blurb.
Anyone trying a Google search for Titanic articles is likely to come up with the articles index page here at ET. The entry will be headed 100 FREE Titanic Research Articles from Encyclopedia Titanica. That heading is taken automatically from the page title in the header code for the page, so it originates here at ET. Most people intrepret 'free' as 'help yourself'. It probably won't make much difference, but I'd be inclined to remove that word 'FREE'. No point in asking for trouble.
Good point, Bob. Removal of the word 'free' in the header code won't hurt in the slightest and may address some misunderstanding.

The article page itself doesn't have the word 'free' ('help yourself'), but if you're a cut and paste fiend you'd not necessarily notice that anyway. Just like the person concerned in this instance didn't 'notice' the copyright information on the pages copied.
Removing "free" might be a good idea from a legal standpoint, but in the case of obvious pirates like these guys, I don't think it'll make any difference at all. Clowns like these wouldn't be deterred if you put a warning there saying "Copyright Protected under penalty of a long, slow, and excruciatingly miserable method of execution that would make Tomas De Torquemada himself turn white with horror."

The way you deal with people like this is with a sharp lawyer which unfortunately, a lot of us can not really afford. That or bring the illegally nicked material to the attention of the whoever the website is being hosted from.
"Copyright Protected under penalty of a long, slow, and excruciatingly miserable method of execution that would make Tomas De Torquemada himself turn white with horror."
Do tell us what you have in mind, Mike!

Jason D. Tiller

Argh, here we go again! Someone else that needs to be taught the lessons on copyright rules. I don't think you can get any lower, when it comes to this.

I sent them a strongly worded e-mail, I hope I scared them.
>>Do tell us what you have in mind, Mike!<< know...roasting alive, crucifixion, drawing and quartering, and other fun things. Essentially, everything listed in This Book and after that, I'd get tough!

>>Compulsory attendance as a contestant on Big Brother?<<


Guest (R17)


I had a quick look at the web site. Is it just articles which have been stolen or have they taken any pictures ?
They've copied only the text of articles. Providing the illustrations as well would be too much like hard work for the likes of those people.

Jason D. Tiller

Member seems as though my e-mail warning has not worked, although I've been informed by e-mail that it appears that they are ignoring other e-mails as well. I really wish we could prosecute these people somehow.

It has been suggested to me that locating the owner of their server might work, but I'm not sure how to go about that.
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